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# 1 STF timer destroys gameplay
11-17-2011, 10:20 PM
why?... this is my first question... there was no reason with the new system of STF's. unless its about slowing down play, and no other reason. so in that case leave the STF's the old way... then you can't grind.

so if we brake it down"
-Tribble STF builds: faster game play, shorter mission, more fun, less PUG hassles, repeatable for fun and profit.
-New STF builds: Slows game play, Punishes for PUG hassles, less repeatable.
-Old STF builds: Slow Play, PUG unfriendly, less repeatable

so why do this? it only resets all the mistakes of the past with new content. we play the STF's cuz end game content should be FUN to play over and over. gear is cool and rewards are a draw. but much like why I liked just flying through Starbase 24, it is FUN to do.

make end game content accessible always, fun, and repeatable quickly and you will always have people coming back for more. don't just shot them out. create more quick run end content.

more, not less. faster, and diversity, not slower and samey. that is what will bring people back over and over.

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