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You have to fix this somehow. before the patch they were about 2 feet behind me and I felt that they were too bunched up around me and they were too close. I log in tonight and I'm doing the "Night of the comet" mission and I'm on the station and it is like they are in my back pocket. they are closer to me then they have ever been before. You need to give me some personal space...... This is getting worst & worst every patch. You need to have them back off. I don't need them following me so closely every where I go..... Please have them back off, it is getting so that when I'm walking around they are either right in front of my screen and I have to move my camera view or I'm actually in their head and I'm looking around from inside their skull.....

Please move them away from me, I don't need them to be acting like they are kids afraid that I'm going to go off and leave them ..... With all the grinding you are adding to the game and the frustration of the bridge officers always being too close for me to do anything without clicking on them is making me want to play something else.... Please back them off!

Lt. Commander
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11-18-2011, 12:19 AM
I've been meaning to post about this, but since it doesnt seem to be a big compliant in the community, I didn't think it would get much attention. My pathing issues date back from the season 4 patch. My boffs get stuck, run back and forth in the same 5 feet of space, or sometimes just run away from me.

Its worse if I"m playing with a friend, and I have taken one of my boffs as a part of my away team. Last time I did this, I had to set way points, in nearly every room we moved to, just to get my boff to the room we were in. Its pretty embrassing.

Finally, although this may sound crazy, I swear my holographic BOFF has worse issues with pathing then your normal run of the mill BOFF. I have 7 characters, and use my holographic BOFF on the away team of each. When I'm having an issue with a specific boff, it seems to be the EMH.

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