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Being able to able to train a space skill when you invest 6 points into whatever ability itís attached to is great.

Not having to level a skill to 9 just to be able to train something is much better than I thought it would be.

Now if you invest 9 points in space abilities it will be because you choose to master or max out that ability.

Iíd like to make a suggestion to help with the ever-changing skill system.

Could we please take the ability to train Science Team 3 and Engineering Team 3 off of ground skills that have nothing to do with said abilities?

Both Science and Engineering Team 3 belong attached to skills that are now found in T1.

I canít remember the names of the Skills but one skill clearly states that it increases the effectiveness of Science Team and Extend Shields and the other skill clearly states that if helps with hull repair.

Attaching Science Team 3 to a ground skill that only increases the damage of science based ground skills never made any sense to me and the same can be said for Engineering Team 3.

While on the subject of ground skills

Would it be possible to give ground based skills their own pool so skill points?

Maybe revamp ground based skills so that instead of having skills level from 1-9, make them go from 1-6 with 4 points being all you need to have in the a skill to train whatever ability would be attached to said skill.

A system like the one Iím suggesting would make it possible for players to lightly invest in their ground skills if they just want to train something or max it out without having to make a huge investment.

Iíd take the current amount of skill points that we have (72000 I think) and cut it in half and use that number has a base for all ground based skills.

So for your space based skills you get 72000 or whatever the current cap is and for ground based skills youíd get 36000.

It would be better if we had a different skill system that awarded Space experience for completing Space missions and ground experience for completing ground missions.
If any mission involves both space and ground then the experience awarded would be split evenly between to 2 respective skill pools.

Iíd say just tie ground based into space based skills; however, that would make about has much sense has tying Science Team 3 and Engineering Team 3 to ground skills

Thanks for your time
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
11-18-2011, 07:23 AM
I like the changes too and was even able to build a decent Sci/Sci build on the KDF.
Go VoQ - Its fun again!
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11-18-2011, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I like the changes too and was even able to build a decent Sci/Sci build on the KDF.
Go VoQ - Its fun again!
It has been the same for me.

My Science Toon is having a field day in the VoíQuv again!

The challenge of having to micro manage every aspect of the VoíQuv is very engaging to me.

My Build is heavily dependent on lining things up in my Forward 90 degree arc.

I donít have to keep targets in my forward arc; I just have to line them up in my arc every minute to get my combo off.

My BOP come in quite handy at buying me time to position my Carrier.

The intercept command is useful for harassing targets that are closing on your position, slowing them down enough for you to reposition the Carrier.

The Escort command (when it works) can be quite entertaining.

Highlight your opponent and click escort, when it works your BOP will try to position themselves behind the selected target but because itís a an enemy target the BOP blast away at it and keep trying to escort it at the same time

The problem with escort is that sometimes it works and most of the time it does nothing.

Oops not a Carrier topic :p

The skill revamp makes a lot of builds that at one time would have been considered unpractical quite viable now.

I hope that everyone gets on Tribbel to test out the possibilities before F2P goes live and there stuck playing catch up.

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