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11-18-2011, 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by supreme_heretic View Post
I do give credit to the developers for trying, but patches are really just like putting the proverbial band-aid on a bullet wound.
Their attempts at putting band-aids on a wound and end up severing a artery. They have tried to fix bugs and made more. Don't even try to fix many. A lot of their redesigns end up being worse like fleet action queues and balancing.

I thought the Azura and the P'jem quest were better before they redesigned them. So I didn't even bother to try the Doomsday mission.

I don't think they deserve much credit either. There is a serious problem at Cryptic. It's like the developers know nothing about their game or what the players base wants or expects. Or their bosses are telling them to do these ridiculous things. Because something is really wrong.

There was a bunch of people who rage quit just after launch because of spam holds in ground PVP. Because people were so upset about holds they made a item where you could hold friendly players in social areas. After the forum rage over that item for months. They made the tractor mines so people could spam holds in space PVP.

I asked a dev in TTS while testing S4. About getting a holo grenade arc because of them exploding on your position. Or on the walls behind you if your back was to it. Where if you tap the button it would throw but if you held it you could see the path it would travel. Because of the line of sight problems if you didn't see the line you would know it would explode on your position.

I basically got a nugh-ugh grenades bounce off walls. I was thinking well I guess you never heard of plasma grenades. Stuff like this happens basically all the time.
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11-19-2011, 12:33 AM
Not sure if it has been said yet, (4 pages is alot to go through and its 3am here)

But I've always said "the company you keep makes a game go a long way". Fleets and Friends always make this game alot more interesting and exciting. I have been getting a few of my WoW friends hooked on the space combat and annoyed with ground (because they can't do Shooter Mode and RPG is just a laugh riot with them!) So every time I log in with them, its completely different each time, doing a PvP match "oh man I should have had that guy" or even doing some of the exploration missions on Elite just to get smacked by down by the last guy. Imagen what they are going to be like fighting the borg lol!

I usually log in for friends or to help my fleet mates out where needed, you'd be surprised how much it means to a fleet mate to have someone come out and save the day, or just have company doing dailies.
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11-19-2011, 01:17 AM
I refuse to give up hope. I was actually too busy to notice your recent posts because I logged in and played "City of Polmar Ree". It's an excellent mission, 5-stars in my book, that captures the essence of what I want STO to feature. Adventure, mysteries, choices and moral dilemmas and the consequences of actions taken.

Cryptic should hire the author, or at least take notes.

... To Be Continued ...

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