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11-23-2011, 08:03 AM
Carry on Cryptic, fed grinding will be fine, we just need more missions for the kdf.
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11-23-2011, 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by psytce View Post
I'm not opposed to some grinding, yes it is part of the game, but by adding Dilithium into every aspect of the game you are forcing grinding as soon as you decide you want a little better gear. You need dilithium to buy MK II consoles in the shipyard at ESD. This means that you are looking at grinding from the beginning to the end. This is the grinding that I want to get rid of. I understand having to do grinding at level 51, but having to do it at level 6??? This is what STO is turning into by adding Dilithium to all buying of better gear.....
well unless they changed it, there is less grinding at the start than on holodeck now. before if you wanted a console or a green weapon you had to go grind a couple of star clusters to get badges (which are still giving you xp so its debatable whether its a grind or not). now one star clusters will buy you like 4 consoles. Its gets harder as it goes up but its not until about captain that it starts becoming any harder than holdodeck. Plus you still have the exchange to buy stuff for EC. if you have bought any c-store ships during levelling up, the dilithium you get at each rank up can also be used for other stuff.

as its one currency any left overs should build up as you play rather than only being able to get it once you become an admiral.

Ultimately the lower levels should either be easier than it is now, or you can save up through your gameplay to make the higher levels less painful.
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11-23-2011, 11:16 AM
I keep saying that all Cryptic has to do to see if the added grind is going to make the game population dwindle to near nothing is look at the current Klingon population. It's a grindfest, the population is almost non-existent as a result, and they want *this* to be F2P?
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11-26-2011, 10:48 PM
Originally Posted by DodgeHopper View Post
Grinding = Repeating the same actions over and over to get an end result.

This isn't what we want. We want CONTENT. Content is the benefit that we the customer want, and not simple Features. Features are great, such as having shuttles, or getting more ships, etc. Those features are also worthless without a place to use them in a reasonable way. The key is giving us content. More storylines, fleet actions, and STF's. I'm still irritated that our beloved STF's are being converted into Fleet actions for a number of reasons. Foremost, is that Fleet Actions have a way of booting players off a team and locking people out after a 15 minute timer. What good is that? If someone is having severe connective issues I don't want to see my team getting dropped down to 1 or 2 guys (which has happened to me a number of times on tribble). I'm already annoyed that the Starbase 24 and DS9 Fleet actions got chopped up. I realize that they want to make fun content for players who want to just play ground or just play space. FINE. Create the standard version and a chopped up version. I want my STF's back. Chopped up STF's are just going to feel like we're grinding for the borg bits we need to make an item, and less like the epic battles they were meant to be.

That's not all though. Many of us have done the featured episodes (and other missions) over, and over, and over, and over, and over. These missions have been repeated not only across characters, but have been repeated for extra gear. That's great and all, but it just means that some of us have really worn out the tires, and we're running out of road. Give us something more to play with. The Ground Fleet action is wonderful, and I'm glad its being added. It isn't enough though. Bring back the DS9 Fleet action (Arguably the best mission in the game), and give us more interesting STF's, Fleet actions, PVP maps and featured episode content to play. All 4 of these items need to be done. I realize it takes a lot of work building these, but I think this is what the player base wants most.

All that being said, a lot of the features are going to be great to have... we just need to see these Features meet with Content. I'll end with this example. There are a ridiculous number of Shuttlecraft we can fly in the game. There is only one mission where its actually needed and useful: The Vault. That's far too many Cpoints of items for sale, on something that you can get for free and only play in one mission. I like the Vault, but this feature needs to be spread out into other missions or even STF's to fall in the ballpark of interesting and worthwhile. It can be said we can goof off with the Shuttle and that is true... but I can goof off in a miranda or do all kinds of things to create strange challenges for myself.
Agrees. But hey, "mooo..." hey friend, can u move over just a little and let me eat a little patch of that fresh grass called "LetsMakeBeliefWe'reNotAlreadyOld&UsedUp-MMO-Cows", too, eh? Mooo...Mooo..., oops, I mean seriously, we made our investments early on in beta or during STO launch week and month in Feb. 2010, putting our hard earned money where out mouths, uh.. I mean "voicing fingers" is/was, having expressed all our likes and dislikes in the game by supporting STO towards success through high tides and low tides. Outlasted many of our PvP/STF/PvE lifetime membership peers. Seeing of two Cryptic ExecP's comes and goes through it all, since, and what you so eloquently said was already expressed by other fellow lifers like us on past posts and future posts, I'm sure.
I feel your pain, man. I really do. I have 23 characters on my account with 12 on feds and 11 on klinks, and half are at VA's/LG's, so truly I can definitely relate to you. I'm tired of the grinds, too.
At this point, I have resigned to just settling to my own personal time frame of how much longer I'd play this game like this, bugs and all, lacking new contents and all, and just slowly fade away in the sunset of my last MMO's since MMO's from a decade ago. This is it, this is the last "hurrah" for me here at STO, so for better or worse I'm sticking with this 'ship' till she bled herself of any more usefulness from the battle of MMO space wars.

Having said that, I also understand the challenges of their current status of being under new management( PW ), and new additional hands are being hired and trained to do the different tasks needed to push forward the new STO engines from F2P-to-Live. Seems like STO is back at 'drydock' phase, as we speak, and we'll just have to endure the hardship of our anxieties of not knowing if it's going to get better or not for our beloved STO. All kidding aside, I'm glad for your comments amongst the other good ones expressing concerns that "grindings" is what they think we want when it's really the opposite. I mean perhaps for the new Free-to-Play players that they're hoping to try out this game will find all those episodes missions we've gone through over and over a thousand times will think 'wow, this is new and cool' will wear out even for them, and then way before then the new contents for us old cows, I mean veteran/lifetime players will have already arrived? One can only hope, but seriously, you voiced what many of us are feeling and many have given up to not bother voicing anymore on STO forums.

Thanks to you and some others voicing such feelings about this game that makes me want to join in and let you guys know you're not alone. We all cared and loved this game to be better than ever and hope they people that runs this game listens to our concerns, and truly acknowledge these concerns.

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