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# 1 Heres an idea for new stuff
11-20-2011, 12:33 AM
How about escorts do escort duties. take cargo ships from A to B/ and make it a daily with choice have, having Klingons, 6 cargo ships, 3 fed ships and 1 or 2 klinks. Klink can start raiding cargo lines.

The sci guys can either got on planetary rescue mission, or scan nebulas stuff like with a choice of klinks joing. 1 sci trying to finish a scan mission while a klink try to kill it, with option the fed sci can have 1 escort, something along those lines.

And for the galaxy ships and stuff, revamp first contact missions, meaning when you aproche the planet, not all people are freindly, some need help, some just need help with a pesky people from a neabouring system to resolve an issue or bring peace to them fed style.

We need more content, more mission that allow pvp in a different way other than 6on6 zone maps, more like the Karrat sysetm where each side has a goal.

Hate to say but this free to play and the outline i see for the system, The Bo's, skill tree, and the officers for the ship seem to be stuff that should have been at launch or there after. Not year and half down the road after selling the game to someone else and makin it f2p.
People pay for this game, people probrably will keep pay"aka die hard fans" most will leave and jump in here and there, meaning lost of money for new owners,
Klinks are getting ripped off with there content already, never seeing the light, Hate to say it but you might want to start looking at EVE online and seeing there system. Been out for a long time. Time to start learning from other and making something better,

Great game with great content will always have players willing to pay for it, either through subscribing or the micro trans" AKA pay to win method"
I know nothing is done for free, you got to make your money some how, but you also need to take chance's, spend money to make money right.

hell you got 2 test servers, how makin one with some type of cargo trading system, these ships feds and klinks have arn't made from thin air, mining ore, new starbase's. outposts, protect our baorders from raids, all thing to make this game better,

Million ideas for the game, yet year and a half later where now just seeing fix's, some new content, skill being redone," witch is another topic" skill tree, and all the F2P stuff witch in my openion isnt all that great,
need substance, anyhow Pls take some ideas from the STO fans make some good choice's and i hope you will. I love STO but get board in few days doing the same old everyday, PVP with substance will make or break this game, Either way have fun good luck, hope its all up hill when its F2P

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