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In the early AM of 2011-11-19, I created a human engineer character to play through the tutorial and Azura rescue mission with the latest build. Here's what I found during that test:


- Had a red/orange “there is nothing on sensors” dialog before Spock monologue starts; there were some award tests flying by as well, but I didn’t see what they were.
- Help text running for three pages seemed backwards one the three pages are all active; i.e. the page marked 3/3 is the first page by context and moving through them (previous/next) is correct for page number but backwards for actual meaning.
- Help text say look at white circles on map, but the circles are orange.
- The audio is intermittently staticy and glitchy in ground areas with looping background sounds; e.g., the tutorial bridge scene, ESD, while talking to EMH.
- “Use Console” animation did not play while beaming out the borg aboard Khitomer until after the beaming animation completed; then it played looped on ponder, use console.
- Cannot complete “[Tutorial] Assimilation”. The “Beam back to ship.” objective is unchecked even though I did beam back from Vega Colony.
- Cannot complete “Skill Trainer” tutorial. Talking to Balt does not advance the mission.
- I can see the ship transporter room from the Azura part of the map on the radar.
- The sound FX for slipstream stutters when a ship in slipstream passes by me.


- The info icon on the radar was rendering poorly It looks like this is a resize, anti-aliasing, color problem with the full-sized image.
- Taggart’s info button seems unusually far above his head.
- I got Chroniton Mines kit for Vega Colony. This seems like a particularly ineffective kit choice given how slow the Borg move and how fast they die. (I’d have preferred weapons malfunction. I found the pick for science bad in a previous test because the science BO I chose had the same ability. Please bring back a choice of kits.)
- Got messages like “please review mission [Tutorial] Line in the sand”, but I did not see any way to review Cryptic-generated content. Are these for CAMs and showing up incorrectly or did I miss something?
- I get a strange pink box (perhaps because of a missing icon/badge) on the right side of quest tracker for “Stranded In Space”. I’m not sure if it was there before I talked to Sissel.
- Should I have gotten all the rewards from the Azura instead of choosing one console and one officer? It only provided two officers, one science and one engineering. Since I’d chosen science officer during the tutorial, the I would have preferred a security officer.


- New character list screen is nice.
- Would be nice to be able to set ship’s NCC on the character creation screen.
- Nice to see the skip tutorial dialog.
- The new use this icons in addition to the useable shimmer don’t look good being so big, busy, and blocky.
- I like that the Reknown moved from behind the big asteroid.
- I like only having to kill pairs of borg probes.
- I like the new colored weakened shield effects.
- Drop-down for ship/crew/captain on skills part of character sheet is useful.
- Ship names are barely showing up on the character sheet now. I’d suggest removing “USS” prefix and not capitalizing the ship’s entire name so more is visible.
- The new ESD signs are just too inconsistent with STO and Trek look and feel; they’re too big, colorful, and stylized. Also, the new bouncing effect is distracting..
- Having the wayfinder and walking the path when arriving at ESD seems like overkill. One or the other should be enough to guide new characters to the admiral.
- Taking out the extra stairs in the auditorium makes that area feel much less constricting.
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11-20-2011, 03:23 AM
If I wanted my ship name in all caps I'd type it that way, but I didn't.

The signs in ESD don't bother me, but they do look a bit...incongruous. On the plus side they are easily seen and read.

Logging out in the Klingon Academy always puts you in the roof when you login. (Note, not ON the roof, IN the roof.)

Federation chat text isn't auto-scrolling, Klingon chat is working normally. I have no guesses as to why this may be.

The Exchange needs an overhaul, remove the 400 limit, or list by order of price per individual item, rather than price per stack. Boffs and Doffs (and anything else) need to be searchable by any variable, rather than only name or title. Not a new problem, but worth mentioning repeatedly.

Crafting: The Dilithium cost makes the sample and trace cost irrelevant. For a Mk XI purple weapon the total samples and traces will cost >~400k EC. If that's more than 10% of the total EC cost of the finished priduct I would be very surprised.

Doffs are fabulous.

Those are my bullet points.

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