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So I was pondering... how to redo ground skills?

Why not make it like the space skills? condensed and variable...

Keep the 'Away team' skills, effecting the abilities of your BOffs, and continue along these three lines

Increase Consumable Effectiveness
Increase Shield Regen
Increase Health Regen
Increase Melee Damage
Increase Armor Effectiveness
Increase Hold / Expose
Increase Ranged Damage
Increase Max Shield
Increase Max Health
Increase effectiveness all tac skills
Increase effectiveness all eng skills
Increase effectiveness all sci skills

This would encourage the player to diversify and see real boosts to ground abilities. It might also not require the skill pool be split.

Also it would go really well with the ability to create your own kit, especially if you could hybrid powers...
Like a medic with Medical Tricorder, Vascular regenerator, Shield Recharge, and Overwatch

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