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Can we get these unreplicatable blocks added to loot drops and or star clusters? the cheap common ones should be something that drops quite freely, the uncommon should be fairly rare drops. perhaps the rare could also be a reward for doing some dailies?

so instead of just getting an option to collect 480 dilithium, you get to pick up 1 rare. now i know that they are worth 1000 so the rate is more but they are only usable one one section of the game only so by taking one you are limiting how you can use it, hence the higher price of the reward and would take a little heat of the crafters.

if you did go down that route having converters so you could break 1 rare into 10 uncommons or to convert 10 uncommons into one rare to maximise the way you gain them?

If not to any of that then i still think the prices on tribble are too high. they need to be a fair bit lower to keep crafting alive. i understand the reasons behind it and i get that many of the lower odd marked items dont have them but i think the prices are too much. at the very least take it off the mark IX items.

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