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Has anyone been able to see the new kit variants from their embassy? We have tier 1 embassy with recruitment almost tier 2 and the personal requisition store is empty. It's unlocked but it just opens a window asking what you need with only an 'exit' button available to click. We do have provisions and the consumables that unlock at tier 1 recruitment are available, but the kits aren't there.
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12-01-2012, 05:50 PM
Our embassy is having the same issue!
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12-02-2012, 02:00 AM
Is this issue on holodeck as well? My fleets about to hit T1...
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12-02-2012, 02:44 AM
Have you done the provisioning assessment for them?
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12-02-2012, 02:35 PM
I"ve unlocked tier 1 and I can see all the kits from mk X to mk XII and I have not provisioned anything yet.

I can also see all of the consoles, even though my fleet is still tier 0 diplomacy.
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12-03-2012, 12:00 PM
Our fleet has unlocked Tier 1 Recruitment and done a provisioning mission but the kit console is bugged. We just get an "Exit" option, no "Store" option. We can't buy any kits. The DOFF and BOFF and +1 DOFF mission worked okay.
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