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Just transferred my science officer over to Tribble, and discovered a major problem with his gear. He is specced (on holodeck) into Spatial anomaly and uses Grav well 3. His ship (Intrepid-R) has 2 mark XI spatial anomaly consoles.

The problem is that with the transfer, these consoles (on tribble) are now Starship Stealth consoles, which basically makes them useless in his current build. That means, he's going to have to re-grind for new consoles either now, or after F2P. Same goes for the current Halon consoles. They get converted into a starship insulators which has nothing to do with the hazard emitter ability.

These consoles should be converted to their equivalent powers. Proabably Graviton generators for the old spatial anomaly.
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11-25-2011, 08:01 AM
This has been a noted issue for a short while. You'd need Graviton Generators for Gravity Well now and SIF Generators (engineering console) to buff Hazard Emitters. An Eng console to buff a Science HoT power? Isn't that strange?

Not quite.. They made SIF Generators buff heals since most hull heals are in fact engineering powers and there's only one science power that does it so it made no sense to them I guess to make a science console to handle hazard emitters.

Still, for my ship builds I won't be giving up an armor console just to get more oomph out of a hull heal power. That's gimping myself in an STF just to get a small increase in my HE/ET skills. I can live without the SIF console.
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11-28-2011, 05:12 PM
Well, at least you figured it out while you still have a chance to pick them up cheap. Consoles are pretty easy to craft and cheap on the exchange. . . for now. I am trying to make 5 each of the science and engineering consoles, just in case.

Imagine all those people who are going to download the new patch, realize their consoles are useless, and end up having to grind a ton of dilithium for them. It is not a pretty picture.

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