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Hello again,

I want to start by giving some credit to the wonderful people who made a couple of significant changes to my bots. I also realize that my comments are mostly about game mechanics. I like that when I draw my weapon - they draw their weapons. I'd like to add here that those of us who have rifles shoud ware them holstered on our backs and all of us should ware a tricorder in a holster and maybe also some kind of hand phaser in a holster. I like that when I toggle my walk - they toggle to walk. However, we're still not quite there. When the dialog reads: (Bridge Officer) "Captain, according to these readings..." or words to that effect; this kinda drives me crazy. Why is my officer telling me what the tricorder reads when I'm the only one that scans anything. If the game mechanics require me to click the f key to trigger the next thing or dialog, why not trigger an officer to take a few "well placed steps"- pull out their own tricorder and deliver the appropriate lines?

I have maybe two or three more frustrations with my officers I'd like to share. When I "walk", they walk just enough to fall behind then jog to catch up and walk and fall behind and so on... it's awful. They Just don't move like people, and worse, they jump around like idiots, they stand on tables, they scramble to stand in just the right spot; and when they can't... they scury back and forth restlessly. I'd rather leave them behind or shoot them in the head and be done with it.

Why should they just stand there untill I move anyway? When we beam down to a planet in a wide open space, shouldn't they fan out and at leat appear to be invetigating the area a little? It might be nice if two or three of them could chime in collectively on the situation based on some of their own movements. Isn't that how star trek has always done it?

I like having the option of individual and group ralley points, but what is the deal with the big red circles on the ground and the wite floating markers above them? I already can't stand the way my hud clutters the screen; then we cover the ground and my officers with these? Sometimes i don't even need the ralley points at all. At times I'd rather just tell them to stop. Don't move. No markers, nothing floating. Better yet, how about "stand guard"? or "take a posision and stand guard"?

I have just one more thing that kinda involves my officers.
Tapping the combadge before every beam-out. Really? It doesn't take all five of us to "call" the ship for beam-out. Besides, how often do you see someone tap their communicator and dissapear without having enough time to speak to anyone? It's not "Trek". I realize that at the moment there is no actual combadge of any kind. I also noticed that "beam-out" and "abort mission" are not always the same thing. the simplest fix might be to randomly choose either the player character or one of the bots to tap the combadge. However, it might be nicer if there were a "Combadge Function" of some kind. Hit a keymap that taps the "Combadge" which in turn opens a list of options designed to simulate two way communication with your ship as well as other places within range. An option to talk to a list of different people for even further options. How about Site-to-site transport? Why should we always have to run through the same useless and snaking caves and corridors that no one in thier right mind would construct without opening them up better and connecting them more conveniantly. This isn't just any other game or somthing... If anyone is going to get away with gratuitus site-to-site transport, it should be us. I realize at this point, that most of these last blocks of text probably don't belong here, but since I'm on the subject...

Why do some missions actually say we're beaming out and then.... Bamm! Staight to the loading screen.
Other missions have us in ship interiors and just like leaving the bridge... Bamm! You're beaming out to nowhere!

All of these things have been on my mind since "Open Bete" and I just couldn't ignor them anymore.

Thank You for any and all your help....
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11-25-2011, 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by jdt135 View Post
text full of reasonable stuff
I concur. With everything and even more.
In (not supposed to give the name of another game, am I? ) that adventure gamed from the 1990s about Picard and his gang you could ask your Officers for advice, call the ship ... probably cant be done (esp. before f2p) for all missions at once, but in the future I would like to feel more in command - and less like duck and her jumpy ducklings in tow.

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