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12-23-2011, 10:17 PM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post

tell me if i'm wrong here but...

we got 4 Emblems for one B'Tran run. (one mission that gave 1 emblem and was NOT on a daily counter, and one daily with 3 Emblems).

now we get 1440 dilithium for one Exploration run.

so... in the end the one Emblem, that was not on a daily counter, has been removed.

Every exploration set should give 480 dilithium, without a daily cooldown.

Result: we get more options in what sector we want to do our daily, but we get LESS dilithium for it.

one step forward, one step back.
That's not 100% correct at endgame as I discovered. While you are correct that the 1 emblem set of B'Trans is gone. The B'Trans can be gouped with the Explore Strange New Worlds daily for over 2K in dilithium for one set through the B'Trans.

I'm sure some people have farmed that 1 emblem every thirty or so minutes, however depending on perspective the overall change can be a win, lose or wash.

I'm preferring to see it as at least a win or a wash... the players do deserve one... after all... you know... F2P... Season Five... Dilithium itself... nevermind, I'll save that rambling for another day.

EDIT: Whille typing this someone else posted it. Leaving for posterity.
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12-24-2011, 04:32 AM
Someone commented that they don't like DSE's. I actually did, they were more fun than Explorations overall and quite relaxing to have. What I'm in favor of is the alternatives, and more play offerings available are better. Not to mention I want to be able to finish earning the accolades I've spent so much time farming but haven't quite finished.
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12-24-2011, 09:40 AM
You can also do warzone daily and PVP daily together if Frontlines is going, and you get 2 x 1440 diliffium by doing 3 lousy warzones.
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12-29-2011, 02:24 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
2014? I imagine it will be revamped by August 2012 and is the next big "systems" project after F2P launches.
Would certainly hope this is the case, along with seamless space...
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12-31-2011, 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by Trek17
...or you just do the 'Explore Strange New Worlds' at the same time you do exploration missions. sure you only get to explore once every 24 hours that way, but you get dilithilum

and besides, if they added dilithilum to exploration missions, people would just spam them and get too much dilithilum and really unbalance the current economy. limiting it like they have keeps things normal
Yes they could, but that would not matter as dilithium is time gated to 8k per 24hr period. If this was not the case then you would have a valid point.

Hell I allready have so much dilthium ore that it will take weeks for me to refine it, so whay bother getting more...

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