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EDIT: I Never expected Season 5 to come early and that since Crystalline Entity is an Event now, lots of people will be fighting it then so, im afraid im gonna have to cancel this event since the Crystalline Entity event is pretty rare, it will also be rare for people to host their own matches so im gonna say it in big letters (Not really big) now lol

This event is now cancelled
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11-28-2011, 08:29 AM

Seems as though you're on the same strategy, however I'd advise to follow the OP here so as to not confuse people if there are differences.

What I would say is check out the thread because I've made some posts which the OP may not have considered particularly the one's from 28th November. With f2p coming it may be a good time to now buy an escort with cannons and use up your emblems etc before you simply lose them.

I 'may' come to this event but I'll be coming right off the back of STOk'ed and may even be in a liverun of KA. Still if I do make it I'm more than familiar with the OP's strategy and have an escort built for killing the CE already.

Good luck in the event in any case but you may want to be a bit firmer with the handling of the event like setting up a password and how to get it, brief people clearly in advance etc to maximise chances of success as pug CE's don't usually have a high chance of success.
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11-28-2011, 11:09 AM
I would like to sign up for this.

My ship is even in the suggest loadout already

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