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  • Allow cross faction teaming
    - The Borg are a significant enough threat to warrant setting aside our differences for a while.
  • Allow cross tier participation
    - Low tier ships would be incredibly fragile so include noncombat objectives
    - Attacking is still an option but effectiveness would be in question
    - The current Level Syncing may not be a bad idea but is hardly necessary
  • Increase the cap on the number of players able to participate
    - This needs to feel epic
    - A large enough map with diverse objectives should spread out the action enough to help with performance issues, shouldn't it?
  • Use existing locations and maps
    - Establish a sense of urgency
    - Maps already exist (regular Federation missions and Patrol Missions)
    - Help people feel connected
  • Broadcast the distress signal across all quadrants
    - We shouldn't be appearing on the scene at the click of a button. We should be hauling our butts across the sector as fast as we can. We should see multiple ships traveling at maximum warp to get to the sight of the engagement.
  • Alter player defeat conditions
    - Simple respawning promotes solo play and zerging
    - Simple disable players when they would normally explode
    - Disabled ships drift out of the combat area where other players can assist in repairs, can be towed to safety by other players, or can abandon the mission (effectively respawning at their home world with the option to return and start again)
    - Or maybe they could just respawn in a weakened state once they've drifted far enough away from the combat area
  • Objectives
    - Evacuate colonists: Enter orbit or some other position and transport survivors as long as you are not under fire. Deliver them to a safe spot at the edge of the system.
    - Help Disabled Ships: Tractor (or some similar mechanic since tractor beams don't work this way in game) a disabled ship beyond the combat area and then assist in making repairs
    - Use Experimental Anti-Borg Weapons/Equipment: Pick up a single use device from the staging area on the edge of the system. These devices deal extra damage, debuff the Borg's offenses and defenses, or provide short term disables. Ships of all tiers can contribute even if not in a conventional manner.
  • One MASSIVE Cube: I'm talking about a Cube roughly the size of ESD!
    - Slow moving and incredibly, ridiculously overpowered
    - Maybe on the outskirts there could be some probes but the focus should be on the main enemy (and evacuation, support objectives
  • Alter Borg Attack AI
    - Borg Cutting Beams: Should be very powerful dealing direct damage to hull but only when a ship is within a Tractor Beam
    - Borg Weapons: Their main attacks should probably be some kind of charged energy or projectiles meant to disable rather than destroy
    - Borg Boarding Parties: Should only work on a target whose shields are down but effect and removal remain largely the same (unless someone has something more creative in mind)
    - Borg Tractor Beams: We should see multiple tractor beams (Borg Tractor Beams like from the equipment set that allows them to absorb power) snaring multiple ships at the same time. Being caught in a Tractor opens you up for their more devastating cutting beams.
    - Shield Neutralizers: Should drain a shield facing per hit. It should be like a pulse or torpedo rather than a beam that drains all shields over a short time. This allows people to use the option of turning their ships to expose a stronger shield.
    == There are so many ways to make this power more like the IP, more interesting, and less "over powered" to increase the challenge while providing more counters for players.
  • Borg Targeting AI
    - The Borg need to be incredibly over powered to gain the feel of the IP so they should deal enormous damage to a single target, the message is not to enage the Borg alone (bring the fleet(s))
    - Force the Borg AI to engage multiple targets simultaneously (akin to the way BFaW worked). They deal massive damage with strong disables so more targets means splitting the damage and potentially increasing the life expectancy of the defending forces.
    - The Borg Ignore any ship that isn't perceived as a threat (again, low tier ships can get in to assist disabled player ships or deliver a payload which would of course put them on the mobs aggro list) As long as you don't shoot it or use a special weapon on it then you will not be caught in the tractor beam (and quickly disabled or destroyed).
  • Alter Borg Defense AI
    - The Borg should have a very powerful hull Regen (just like the IP)
    - The Borg should have no shields, but rather, should have a strong innate resistance to all energy weapons
    - The Borg adapt and should gain additional resistance to specific energy weapon types (same mechanic as the Aegis equipment set, only stronger)
    - Innate partial resistance to many control powers such as Tractor Beam, Scramble Sensors or Viral Matrix to name a few. They should still work but with a significantly reduced duration.
  • Weakness
    - DPS from energy weapons and debuffs should counter the strong Regen
    - Special single use devices should disable or reduce the regen for a short period of time
    - Kinetic damage from Torpedoes and Mines should be the most significantly damaging effect
  • Encourage the use of actual strategies with less emphasis on zerging.

Those are just some of the basics that have been bothering me for some time. I know that many are tired of the Borg in general. Personally, I'm tired of the Borg as we have seen them so far. I hope to see less of the Borg but when we do see them I want them done right.

I have more ideas to bring up when I have more time later but I'm not offering up anything creative here. These are elements that we should have had all along. Hopefully we can get some attention to fix some of these issues.
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# 2
11-28-2011, 01:15 PM
Thats a lot to get off your chest.
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# 3
11-28-2011, 07:15 PM
I don't agree. I think the Borg were a pretty shoddy, gimicky, and poorly constructed idea from their very first appearance. I personally think that nothing short of sweeping fundamental changes to our cardboard 2 trick pony will give them the potential to become interesting.
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# 4
11-28-2011, 07:53 PM
They could make the space shields of the borg ships have the same resistance effect of the ground borg, an energy re-modulator for the ship in the device slot would be required but it would fit the cannon.
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# 5
11-29-2011, 02:14 PM
I agree with all the above. the borg should be a force to be feared. Not as they are now, where five ships can take down a borg armada. and a lot can come from the changes. to add to that thought on the massive cube, why not make it a two part experiance? do enough damage on the outside, then beam over with teams and handle a mission on the inside. set explosives, nab the trans warp coils, plant a virus, ect ect.
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# 6
11-30-2011, 02:22 PM
I'd love to see a Borg space + SHIPBOARD STF, with an objective attached. And two subteams of five players.

The fleet comes in, battles the Borg attackers, and a small vessel is dispatched to deliver the players to the Borg cube or pickle -- whereupon they have to locate and secure/destroy/rescue/whatever the objective.

To successfully complete the mission, BOTH the space battle and the shipboard objective have to be done. If the space team fails, then the commando team's not coming back. If the shipboard team fails, then it doesn't matter than the space battle was won.

That's what I'd like to see.
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# 7 Borg Shield Neutralizer
11-30-2011, 03:51 PM
In all this time that I've been playing against the Borg I have never actually seen the Borg Shield Neutralizer. Everyone always said it was a beam and I just took it as truth. Now recently I've bumped my graphics setting up a notch (I've been using the lowest for performance reasons) and today I saw the Shield Neutralizer for the first time. Maybe it was hidden by my low graphics setting or maybe it's just that I usually get in so close before engaging that I never had time to notice it before.

At any rate, the little white ball of light looks perfect!!!

What we need now is a mechanical change to bring it more in line with the source material. Rather than having it drain everything over time, why not apply a percentage drain? Each hit could instantly drain 30% (or so). The effect could be across all shield facings or it could only effect the facing that it hits (like Beam Target Subsystem Shields). Increase the firing rate a bit (what is it now, roughly every 15 seconds?) and force them to fire at multiple ships rather than only one. People could heal it, or just turn their ship to expose a different arc.

This would make it more like the show and it would open up significantly greater tactical options! Bring canon and strategy back to the Borg while keeping them over powered but not forcing people to rely on a single tactic.
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# 8
11-30-2011, 04:09 PM
Do they not already have a cutting beam? Several times I've maintained full shields while my hull has dropped 20% or so in a matter of seconds.

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