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When the lvl cap is boosted to 61 down the road, ive heard that its going to be called Fleet Admiral. What bugs me about being a Fleet Admiral is the dozens of other Fleet Admirals flying around shooting things up. It already bugs me to see so many Vice Admirals all over the place. I would have prefered to have stuck with captain. When i think about rear, vice, and fleet admiral, i think of some old stooge behind a desk doing paperwork. Captain just has a nice ring to it. So my idea is this, and feel free to bash it.
When we hit 61, instead of making us fleet admiral, why not assign us to a npc fleet admiral? There can be a certain amount of fleet admirals in service, and we can choose which one we wish to be assigned to. each fleet admiral would have a certain feel to them, giving out certain bonuses to ship status, or EC/dilithium increase, ect ect. The would hand out special missions, some solo, some group, some focused on combat, or exploration, or diplomacy. From there, we could gain further bonuses for doing these missions with other players that are also assigned to this fleet admiral.
This is just my opinion, and to me, would make things more interactive, and give the player base a better connection to the story, as well as incentive to group up more instead of taking on the whole klingon fleet by themselves.

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