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I really like playing Foundry missions. Next to the Featured Episodes, they are my absolute Highlights in STO.

Even if some interesting foundry features are still missing (e.g. multiple objectives), it's already possible to create excellent missions (especially for an MMORPG).

For me, the most important thing in a mission is the ambience. I constantly ask myself: "Do I have the feeling, I'm in a real episode of Star Trek?"

The following missions were rated by me with five-stars. Feds only, because I don't play the Klingon faction very much.

There are many four-star missions following up, but I want to list my personal highlights only:

- Above All Else (Dewey001)

- The City of the Polmar Ree (alimac30)

- Conjoined (DenizenVI)

- Dead in Space (Eurrsk)

- Dereliction Duty (Nagorak)

- First Cause, Then Effect (RogueEnterprise)

- Imbalance (cerberusfilms)

- The Infinitesimal Frontier (dixonium)

- Nine of Space Deep (Captain_Revo)

- Prometheus Wept (AaronH)

- Rise of Darkness 1 & 2 (jake81nx)

- Sorti Rising (Commodore_Stipe)

- The Spirits of Ramok Nor (alimac30)

Maybe others post their foundry lists with the main focus on "combat", "diplomacy" or "story". This might help newcommers to STO to find the type of Foundry missions they like...
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11-30-2011, 04:15 PM
If you enjoy a bit of a darker atmosphere..

I recommend the deadly intentions series by Sovereign77x

There are certain parts of that series, certain dialogs even that I found to be really evocative in terms of building a "mood".. which isn't easy when you consider the tools a foundry author has to hand.

Also: I recall playing a mission a while ago called "Instruments of Armageddon" by Cheroj.

I had a few personal issues about the character development in the mission overall because i tend to invest myself alot in whats going on in the story. However!... the early section of this mission is a good example of how to build up a sense of dread for the enemy you're going to face.

There is a part where you discover your enemy's previous victims and the description just made me go "wait...WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED HERE!!?"... it was really awesome writing

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