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# 1 Bug: Unreturned mail
11-30-2011, 09:59 AM
Bug: Mail with attached item sent to myself; not returned

Category: In-Game Mail System

How to reproduce:
Send an in-game mail with an attached item to @Handle (your own account)

About 6 days ago I sent mail to myself in the format @Handle, figuring that since I had no other characters on my account that the game would realize it should be sent to myself. However I have not received that mail. I'm am told that mis-sent mail and their attached items are sent to a "Lost & Found" and that unresolved mails (with attached items) would be returned to their original senders. Since this hasn't happened was encouraged to write a bug report on it.

I sent the Breen Tactical Bridge Officer to myself, in hopes of acquiring a second one to sell on the exchange. Since I've been trying to complete the Tribble rewards I've only done the mission once. And now Holodeck will be down all day for maintenance and I won't have a chance to acquire a second one so I suppose I'll have to purchase one for 5 millions energy credits instead of 20 mins worth of time with a group.
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# 2
11-30-2011, 10:18 AM
To what configuration are you attempting to send the mail??

Holodeck mail can only go to Holodeck, F2P Tribble to F2P Tribble, and Redshirt Tribble to Redshirt Tribble.

There is no way to send from one server to the other.
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# 3
11-30-2011, 10:41 AM
This has happened to me several times. When I asked a Dev about it they suggested I submit a ticket. And when I submitted a ticket, I got back a rude reply that I needed to learn how to use the mail system.

So call me 'Mr. Nooby' I guess.

Problem is that Im not a noob and I know how to use the mail system properly. I noted this to Cryptic in a return ticket response and with all respect told them that it was their fault the mail had been lost.

Cryptic did respond more politely in their second response but told me in no uncertain terms that they could not track, trace, find, or replace items lost in the mail. So even though they were polite about it, I was just out of luck.

Usually the mail is maybe 99% reliable but its not 100%. Honestly, the US Post Office is probably more reliable which saddens me. I suggest mailing junk prior to mailing anything important to make certain the Cryptic in game mail system is working properly. Also, it seems that mail problems go up 1-2 hours prior to and following a big patch or change in their servers. And yes mails have been lost during normal operating times when I think the server load is high or something isnt working right.

Ive mailed many thousands of items to alternate toons, fleet members, and friends and Ive probably lost items valued at over 100,000,000 worth of EC due to mail problems. Most of this came from 2 Saurians and a Transfer Shield 3 officer that was lost in the mail and from which I submitted the aforementioned ticket complaint. There have been a good full dozen other mails lost and many of the people that I know that use the mail system daily have lost the occasional mail. Still, I use mail more than most so perhaps I see these problems more often. If at all possible, and if its an item of value, then I suggest you transfer items via friends. I recognize that the OP couldnt do this because it was a Unique Breen. I think Cryptic needs to have an item 'non cstore' you can craft or earn to remove Unique and bound from certain items since their mail is unreliable.

Ive been buying and saving some items to mail to some of my more active fleet members for Christmas gifts but having this problem pop up again really makes me wonder if the mail still cannot be trusted.

Anyway, Id bet 1,000,000 EC that the lost mail wasnt the OPs fault and that he will never get any compensation from Cryptic from them for having lost it. Its fully possible he didnt make a mistake or try to mail something to or from tribble or redshirt. Its Cryptic and you know with Cryptic these things just happen. All you can do is smile and think on the brightside of the 99% of time mail DOES work.

Happy Gaming All,

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# 4
12-02-2011, 06:44 PM
Well, part of the problem may be me. 1) I wasn't aware that you HAD to include the username, since as I said I only had one toon, so I thought the mail system would be intelligent enough to discern that, and 2) I messed up on the Handle part of the name. If it's sent erroniously will it come back if not claimed? (i.e. the handle should've been @abc, but I wrote @a-bc), so It's likely not entirely STO's fault here. But, I was able to claim another of the Breen Tac Boff anyway, just won't be able to profit at all. Oh well, live and learn. Now I know better.

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