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# 1 Could I beg a Favor Cryptic?
12-01-2011, 09:36 PM
With the change over you effectively messed up my consoles something fierce. Not only did you take the Tomographic Sci Consoles that used to help my Tyken's and make it work for Stealth (which was TOTALLY unrelated and one of the most useless stats in the game) but you also pulled a wammy on Prefire, Warhead, and those Universal Beam Tactical consoles to give less boost than Type Specific ones. That is fine and all but there used to be reasons I needed to use those and they gave the same boost as the specific ones.

I was wondering if it could be at all possible to just swap one-for-one. I do not want Dilithium for them I just want to be able to trade in my old consoles (one time only) for another console of the same mark, general type (Science, Tactical, Engineering) and, quality.

If that would be possible I would very much appreciated it and it would seem the fairest way to fix that.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
12-02-2011, 09:14 PM
My favor would be for Cryptic to hire personnel who are competent developers, actual Star Trek fans (instead of people who were forced to watch Series to gain a familiarity with Star Trek), developers who listen to feedback from the community rather then ignoring it - i.e. in the case of the crafting changes.

I'm so happy to see that Cryptic finds it time to make horrible ESD signs which look like a 3 year old drew, when there are other issues such as PVP balance, completing factions i.e. - Klingons, and adding more ****ing content.

It is quite sad when the changes on Tribble were obviously not ready and warranted further play testing but it was pushed to patch. We as a paying community of players have essentially beta tested STO from it's infancy when it was in actual beta up until now, and even continues. The management and the development team for STO should be grateful that the community are such dedicated fans to deal with the shenanigans that have endured due to incompetence on your companies behalf.

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