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So I'd like to try some of the new content included in this new season update. Especially that cool new Mirror Universe event right ?. So today there was one at 3pm and then at 3 am. So I can't play today because I worked till 5pm and can't stay up till three am to play.......

Tomorrow there's one at 1pm - (I'm working ....) and another one at 11pm.... it's unlikely I will get to play that one either.

I think these events are timed too far apart. I know you are trying to keep the new content "fresh", but in actuality the schedule is too infrequent and is making it so paying customers can't play the new content they've been waiting for.

Then there are those Borg ground invasion missions that only run three times a week.....
I'm SURE I'm gonna miss out on a lot of those too.

I'd like to congratulate you on the new content Cryptic, but can't if I can't actually PLAY IT.

Could you please look into tweaking these so that they run a little more frequently?
The holidays are coming, as we all know, and there will be further demands on all of our time, but I'd still like to enjoy the game and all it has to offer.


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