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With the holidays coming up and the usual end of year work schedule craziness, I took most of November off from my STO career. I saw the Season 5 announcement yesterday so decided to dive back in and get back to it. Needless to say, my quest to explore the new missions came to a dead halt as soon as I logged in.

So, I am asking for some advice/assistance from the many experienced players here: (I may be a VA, but Iím not an expert MMO player like many are here)

Where do I start to begin making sense of the huge pile of changes? Scanning the game and the forums, I see new duty officers, an end to crafting, new skill trees, half the game menus resorted, emblems replaced with dilithium, new exchange functionalityÖ.the list is mind boggling.

I canít even try out the new STF queues, as all the items in my trays have disappeared both from the trays and from the ďadd ability to trayĒ menu! (any ideas on that one?)

Iím a huge fan of the game, and Iím not trying to go on a *****fest. Iím seriously 1000% confused as to what to even look at next. Any pointers to FAQs, or other threads that explain the new changes are appreciated, along with any sage advice.

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12-02-2011, 12:56 PM
first thing is respend all you skill points. all your items have gone because you need to spend your skills. open up your window and put them back in. you might want to take it slowly as the skill tree is quite different now. so add some points and then accept, then add some more until you are happy with what you have.

dilithium is replacing all the badges and marks and stuff. its quite valuable so try not to waste it.

the duty officer window can be access just under the minimap. there are two major features. assignments which is sending them off on missions and the active duty which is slotting 5 into space and 5 into ground top give passive bonuses. its quite simple once you get your head around it. have a play around. if you have no doffs then check your inventory or go see the caitian at starfleet acadamy on earth. he should award you some.

as a suggestion you might want to start a new character and just get your head back into the first few levels to feel your way back into the game.
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12-02-2011, 01:23 PM
I also noticed upon login that I was bumped up in the Diplomatic ranks to Consul (never did many Dip missions previously). Was that as a result of the emblem/mark conversion, or were the GMs just being nice?

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