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# 1 Problem with the new Events
12-06-2011, 12:57 AM
I wanted to bring the following "Problem", i have with the new Events to your attention and ask you if you are having those "Problems" too.
First of all i really like those events and i find them a good addition to the game, however i am having a small problem with them.
This problem is that you can only play these event at a specific time of the day. As there are many events (which is good by the way, more to do) the time you have to wait to be able to play the Event wanted. A a player from germany (not a native english speaker so excuse some spelling and grammatical errors) and a person who has to work during normal office hours i have a limited timeframe when i can play STO.
So since release of season 5 i relay wanted to play the Defera Ground invasion, but due to bad luck it was never active when i had time to play STO. Most of the times it was during my working hours or after 11pm.

While some events like the multi phasic event and the academy events make sense to be on a special time as a whole region does participate, others like tour the universe would not need to be at special hours. It could for example be a Daily Mission (or a mission with a long cooldown) with a one hour timer (to complete the mission) that starts when you accept the mission.

What do you think could be done to "improve" this?

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