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General list of issues/qaulms/bugs I have come accross, most already spotted/felt by other people. Some of these I had (or had similar) on Tribble.

I shall update this as I go.

> Lack of DOFF packs for my VA*
> Sector/Ship screens not updating properly, either on Starbase or Sector Space.

> BO layout (Stations) in ship window slow to load/unresponsive.
> Episodes side-tabs greyed out at VA save for "Klingon War" and "Undine Infiltration". Another 2 of these could be "ungreyed" by accepting the last mission of the previous arc.
> "Minefield" in Episodes shows the wrong image.
> Fleet Message and other Fleet controls unable to be modified.

> C-Store ships unclaimable*
> Levelling is now too fast - I appreciate I was using a Q Boost but to get from Lt Cmd 6 to Cmd 3 in 5 missions?
> Various lag/dropping connection issues.
> Lieutenant D'Vak still hailable via the USS Victory.
> Tractor Beam on MVAM Escort fails to lock on target if a MVAM ability comes off activation/is made active.
> Ship 'shakes' in Sector space.

> "The House Always Wins" - Torg fails to appear.*
> "City On The Edge Of Never" - USS Kirk shows as a 4 nacelled cruiser rather than the Excelsior it should be.
> Breen Arc unlocked too late.

SuQob Raptor
> Impulse trail fx not correct when turning at 0 speed
> Occasional incoming weapons fire aim is off (FX only)

* = problem heard about before.
Lt. Commander
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12-07-2011, 10:24 AM
> MVAM - when entering certain attack modes, Borg Engine fx don't align/show properly.
> Occasional audio 'misfires'
> Warpout occasionally sending the ship into asteroids or planets.
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12-08-2011, 05:12 AM

DOFF mission planner occasionaly duplicating disaster conditions in "Critical Success" section.
Off Duty slot not valid in editing. Becomes a standard uniform slot when you edit it, with no options for creating an off-duty uniform.

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