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Greetings Los Gatos..

I noticed that many times the Auto Reporting feature fails at the mini dump phase.

While experiencing a memory leak crash of STO Live i saw RED TEXT
sending mini dump
ERROR: Dump send Failed: no Receipt

[PID 4804 ETID 13241594 is my reciept]

it began the full dump process send time over 1 hour. i'm guessing many people close the box or cancel instead of having the report tie up their PC. This doesn't help you trouble shoot and it certainly doesn't help us.

The NVIDIA Card told me this Direct 3D Error D3D ERR_Notavaliable A command was sent by your code line that Nvidia OEM could not rectify w MS WIn Direct X 9.0C my OS has all the latest Digitally Signed Drivers for Card and SP's for WIN XP.
[due to mem 52.47mb available of 1 GIG] i am often denied the full pleasure of seeing STO as it should be.
A nice place to visit and engage i n social or leveling activities.. I have my graphics set way back fpor sto and this still happens min in most things for detail.

As ti is its a Crash buggy that hints at fun excitement and TREK. Every new build phase or major code or addition seams to incite bug crashes and more work trying to fix it. The Alpha Beta for S% on Tribble generally went well and must be very close to finding some common cause for crashes..

I had WinAMP newest version open streaming music[minimized] and STO full screen ..
My Activity logging in finding a big lag and switching to SOL map 2.. Beaming to SFA for Trivia and then it crashes when i hit beam up macro .. it crashes when i saw the ESD Engineer asking to confirm beam up to ESD. I have to force verify.. The crashes happen almost every time i try to go to ESD the first time in a session sometimes twice and requiring a PC reset before i can freely move around ESD to conduct business..

MAking it about impossible to grab the Galaxy Tour Mission or have any Social use for the place.

I like the change in scenery but im not sure what sort of draw requirments you have is it still per item equal to a Player TOON to include PETS? Like Champions.; For Resources drawn from your Servers Blade or Shard system?

Right now im seeign Green for connection speed to internet and 11 MBPS speed and its stil ltakign so long to send this report to you. A large file 488127078 bytes way it looks.

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