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12-26-2011, 04:43 PM
Leave it to me to find this thread after it's all over. I was there though and I had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone that made an appearance and that walked away with a free item. Cheers to the German RP fleet also for not getting annoyed with us having fun during their RP ssession. Here is a quote of my post from our boards that includes some screenshots I took from the Christmas Eve event.

Originally Posted by JCSWW
Thanks for Frans for putting on this event! 3 and a half hours of giving was a lot of fun. Things were a little slower than expected but some decent people showed upand made the last few hours of Christmas Eve awesome! Thanks to everyone for sticking around as long as they could also to help rally people into OPS and give out stuff as well. One guy even gave Santa Vigo a couple of nice gifts. [= Dawson has also tried to stay up but sleep got the beter of him before Santa Vigo arrived fasionably late, as usual.

Anyway, here are some screens from last nights event.

First Person (Ezri sitting at Sisko's desk)

Dawson's Will make Senshi and me... very uncomfortable.

The German RP fleet invasion (they were actually there before me).

Having fun with Germans.

Pi enjoying the pre-event entertainment, complements of Nerve Tonic.

Chillin' with Senshi.

Horta head!

Group picture.

Just sitting around when... SOME NAUSICAAN BOMBS ME with a Cryo Grenade!

Archie's on duty!

Some Klingon picking a fight he can't possibly win.

Mr. Milk Man and Ezri (waving hands - away)

Mr. Milk Man and Ezri (waving hands - towards)

This is what happens when you mock our mad dancing skills (Archie waving)!

The Nausicaan turned on me (Archie still waving)

The man everyone came to see!

My Horta likes baseballs!


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