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I guess I never really looked at the new mission progression in the oiverview as all my main characters on Holodeck had already done these and honestly - the Tribble test character's I created I leveled primarily through Grinding the Doff system for the Tier 3 Doff test rewards - but:

Last night while deciding to level my Holodeck KDF character ( who was only Level 41 because I didn't feel like doing the same dailys over and over on Holodeck back in the day); I was looking for missions to do in the new restructured 'advancement and saw ALL the Undine Front missions become available at Level 51.

Now if the 'official' F2P launch (soming on 1/17/12) included a Level cap raise - I might understand why this was done - but given 51 is max level - and this game honestly has a bare minimum of actual story mission content to begin with (it's been one of its LARGEST issues since the original launch back in Feb, 2011); I just don't get why the Devs chose to make a whole mission series not unlock until max level (where the players don't need EXP or SP - and lets face it - at level 51 you have enough Boff SP to retrain all theBoff skills up to 9 ten times over.

At this point in time - it really seems like a waste to set an entire story mission series to unlock at max level. At least unlock them at 49 or 50 so both Fed (and especially KDF which is still STARVED for actual l;eveling content can take full advantage of these missions for character5 progression.
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01-29-2012, 09:25 AM
Glad to find your post. I was actually looking for how to get the missions.

The wiki said it unlocked at level 45. and has not been updated to reflect the change. Had me stumped.

As an old player that just came back I can live with it and see the merit in it in a way.

Have to remember that this mission series unlocks the opportunity to get that set by grabbing the console from Assymilated. In a very real way this mission series is a very real alrernative to the more popular sets people farm in the STF''s and frankly its a whole lot easier, much quicker, and a lot cheaper to put together.

The fact that its a level 51 unlock is understandable from my point of view since it allows you to skip the STF farming to get an enviable worthwhile set.

Exerience in STO is a non issue and always has been.

Leveling up in STO is mostly just a formality. Its way too easy to level up in STO, so in your argument that you wish it was still available earlier when you still need EXP is really not relevent.

I am thinking they capped its unlock at level 51 to indicrate that the reward be kind of in line with the MK Gear rewards.
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01-29-2012, 10:24 AM
My suggestion for Fed players is to bypass boring story missions altogether unless you absolutely need them. At the rank of 45 I leveled purely through DOFF's, borg encounters, and mirror verse events. I leveled to max in a few hours of doing that.

I know KDF's should have similar events, too.

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