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I like to roleplay...Mostly Fedside. would prefer an active and open group of people with some neat events casual RP and something that doesn't require me to loiter in a bar all day. I like variety I like plots, and I love fun people.

I've been in several RP fleets so I'm getting a taste of what I want and what i don't.

-Do be friend open and fun
- Do schedule activities and promote group cohesion.
- Do show off your flag your colors and uniforms proudly.
- Do be mature and respectful.
Plus more~.


- Don't force people to wear uniforms or play specific ranks
- Don't be all about the Bar RP.
- Don't blatantly ignore lore(im a lore ***** sorry guys >_>))
- Don't promote a casual open RP fleet if your members tend to stick to cliques huddling in a back room ignoring all others.

So yeah I hope this doesn't come off as picky but im just looking for a tightknit open minded group to play with who don't mind RP, pvp, STFs and hell rp'ing during missions...
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12-07-2011, 07:31 AM
1st Vega Fleet is a recently formed fleet. Our forum website is still under construction and members are slowly still getting on it. However, come check it out and look for any of us online during the day and evenings. Most of us are typically on towards the night time and are on for several hours.

We promote as being mostly a social helpful fleet. Most of the current members are interested in the RP section we are starting as a fun addition to just being a social group.
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12-07-2011, 07:47 AM

Without bragging I can honestly say that the 12th fleet meets all your do's and dont's.

The link probably explains better what we stand for though.
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12-08-2011, 10:34 AM
Oh come join us, we have a player run ship called The Valkyrie that we meet and RP on every Sunday at 8.00pm GMT.

It's run casually, but we do acknowledge lore, however inorder to let people who LOVE to RP but don't know a great deal about Star Trek like me, a ittle lieniancy and help. We love to give and recieve help, and often have brainstorming sessions for the season arcs on Skype .

We are NOT cliquey at all, and always, always love to meet new people, and make new friends, think of it as a family, a very close family that all shares the same passion, to escape to different worlds....

We would LOVE to have you, please check us out!!!



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