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12-12-2011, 08:26 PM
All the complaining.... granted I got mine on my second box, but I have found that the items I already fetch a rather nice price on the exchange for the right reasonable amount (charging 1 Million EC is real extortion)
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12-12-2011, 09:35 PM
Originally Posted by Cuatela
I have to say, Cryptic. This is a new low for you.

C-store is one thing, I understand the need for extra revenue. I've even purchased a lot of stuff from the cstore. ships, costumes, etc. But this new RIG just makes me mad. Why? Because everything on there is attainable through other means, except the Jem'hadar ship.

Why is that so bad? Think about it. Many of us would be perfectly willing to pay 800-1600 CP's for a flyable Jem'hadar Attack Ship. Most of us have already purchased from the C-store.

so why put it in a random item game? Seriously... with all the other options you have available....

Please, I'm begging you. Stop listening to Perfect World's "advice" on how to run an MMO. You, and they, are ruining this game.
Well this type of thing was to be expected. The new winter zone is nice but is is just a cash grab. The sad thing is that after the event is over, Cryptic will probably put the attack ship on the C-Store for 800-1200 c points.
I know Cryptic needs money, but this holiday box thing is just cruel. And we still don't have any new and good story content
What really got me upset is the new crafting system! I'm not kidding, it now takes tens of thousands of dilithium to make ONE purple type XI item. I mean their peeing on us without the courtesy of calling it rain!
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12-13-2011, 04:02 AM
Sorry but they have saw the money that was thrown at the chance to get this ship. It will not be on the CSTORE for less than 2000cp But I betting that this ship when it DOES make it to the store it will be the highest ship to date.

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