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I just purchased another bundle of 1000 crptic points and I bought two items right away; The holiday package and the additional bankslots. I purchased them on the c-store via the startrekonline website, then I went in game to find nothing.

They haven't been added, and there's no claim button. This is not my first purchase, I know how it works, but this time it just doesn't. Devs, can you please either refund my c points or give me the items I'm entitled too, thank you
great job on season 5 btw!!!
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12-09-2011, 08:13 AM
When you buy from the website you have to watch, what you buy goes to the character its on and that may not be the one you were wanting it for. I now always do it ingame.
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12-09-2011, 09:51 AM
Originally Posted by mongo94
I now always do it ingame.
which is absolutey wiser, but I wasn't in a position to start up the game, when I got home I noticed it not being there.

But I think it's a bug, and I would advice everyone not to buy from the website but like you say, ALWAYS buy ingame.

Now I wonder if I get a dev response, cause I need really the bankslots I purchased soon, I'll probably end up buying them again anyway ingame but that's not how this should work, right?, I want it looked into and my points refunded. I never complain about anything in Sto, but if money gets lost due to technical errors, I get aggitated.

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