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A few ideas for improving the Fleet experience...

1. Have a fleet "uniform" for ships. The Color Scheme for my fleet is not available in the color palette in the ship tailor, it'd be nice to have ships flying around using fleet colors.
2. Fleet Emblems available for the Ships
3. Fleet uniforms on our starbase personnel
4. Fleet Starbase personnel salute Senior Fleet Staff (top 2 fleet ranks)
5. Fleet Admirals office ...like Admiral Quinn's or the office at the Academy and something similar for KDF.
6. in the Fleet Admirals office have a terminal where Fleet members can come and read tips/tricks/walkthroughs made by other Fleet Members
7. Holodeck ground mini game for fleet marks. It's boring to have just the grid there. Why even have it if you can't interact with it???
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02-28-2013, 03:28 PM
Nice ideas; though you can already put your fleet emblem on your ships.
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

BTW, you'd pronounce it 'Cap'n Manks'
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03-03-2013, 01:56 PM
I would like to put our fleet emblems on the fleet bases. Furthermore the emblem customization leaves a lot to be desired. Even if we have to have a way to filter out profane images, I think being able to fully customize our own emblem should be allowed. Finally the inside of the fleet base should be allowed to be decorated with a fleet standard (with the fleet's emblem on it). I would pay 200,000 dilithium for that, not some crappy tribbles. Also would it be too much to ask for ship and star base crew to have fleet uniforms?

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