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# 1 Escort BOFF skills questions
06-18-2012, 03:54 PM
Hello community.

I知 looking for a few answers to some build questions I have for a mainly PVE build that would like to jump into PVP once in awhile. My ship is equipped with:

Deflector = Assimilated Deflector Array
Engines = Omega Force Hyper Impulse Engines Mk XI
Shield = Omega Force Shield Array Mk XI
Tactical consoles = 4 x Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk XI
Engineering consoles = 1 x Cloaking Device - 2 x RCS Accelerator Mk XI
Science console = 1 x Assimilated Module - 1 x Impulse Capacitance Cell
All my weapons are Non [borg] Mk XI

Here is the build

I used to go with a [DBB | DHC | DHC | Q-Torp] build and while I found the burst great I found the DPS to feel like It dropped off so much that the sustained amount was too low to compensate.

Currently I知 using a [DHC | DHC | DHC | Q-Torp] build and while I like it better I wonder if the small burst I知 getting from the torpedoes are better spent on sustained damage with another DHC.

But I can稚 find a 4 x DHC BOFF skill set that looks any good. No matter what I build It seems that I知 wasting 2 slots on things that are so highly situational that they are borderline useless. Or that share a cooldown with something else I already have meaning I知 going to be using one or the other never both.

The skills I would want to replace are THY I and THY III. So I知 wondering what others are using in their place. I also would like to know how some people that have tried all 3 sets on an escort feel they match up to one another, in PvE and in PvP. Also any build tips are welcome. I would also like

Thanks in advanced.
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# 2
06-21-2012, 06:47 AM
You're right: both on paper and on parse, 4 DHCs outperform 3 DHCs/1 Torp or 3 DHCs/1 DBB. Haven't tried to fit both a Torp and a DBB, but I don't see how it'd perform any better.
The ability to focus all your BOFFs and consoles into enhancing a single weapon type, added to the higher base DPS of a DHC contribute to that result.

Here's what I'm using:


- TT is active 67% of the time, mainly for the Shield Distribution as the damage boost is really small: 1.33% average. (fairly standard to run 2 copies)
- Some form of CRF is also active 67% of the time, average 26.67% damage boost.
- Some Attack Pattern is active 100% of the time, average 22.50% damage boost.
- That Attack Pattern is APO 67% of the time, meaning Tractor Beams are rarely an issue.

- As a Tac, I don't get much mileage from Tactical Initiative. All it does is allow more frequent use of CRF3 over CRF1 and allows me to choose between APO and APB according to the situation rather than just cycling them as they come up.
- APB is useless in PvP.

Note that, personally, I'm considering switching my DHCs to DCs; on paper the 10% more crit severity doesn't make up for the added power drain and halved [Borg] procrate but I'd like to see if the math is confirmed by the parse on that issue.
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06-24-2012, 03:59 PM
I'm not sure what your goal in pve is with this build?

Mixing beams and cannons isn't the most effective use of boffs.

A fleet escort or advanced escort will fix your boff waste problem if you want to go all cannons.

With a fleet escort of advanced escort you can utilize the ensign slot for either eng or science and can pick up polarize hull or emergency pwr to weapons.

Go with something likes this

EMPW1 or Polarize Hull 1 if your using the advanced escort

Single target attacks like Beam Overload and Rapid Shot do more damage but are nowhere near as effective as the AOE's in the long run.

I have no idea what your plan is with your current console setup?

Pickup a Neutronium Resist console and then keep a couple different resist variants on you at all times depending on what your fighting, if you are going into a STF use the electo for resist against plasma. If you are going into Starbase 24 use a Diburnium for resist against Disruptors.

Science consoles should be Field Generator(s). They provide a little over a 1000 shield capacity.

You can play around with where you want to put the assimilated console, I run 2 Field Generators and throw it in the Eng, I know some people throw it in a Science slot though.

IMO if your going to mix sets don't mix with Omega, Tetryon Glider is nice but you lose a lot of survivability by going this route. Either take the 3 piece set and let lose with Graviton ancor every 3 minutes or mix with another set. 3 piece borg with Maco shields is your best bet if you want take some hits.

I haven't run with a full Maco set but I've run with full Omega and the 3 piece with Maco shields. I have no problems taking damage with the ladder and can tank tact cubes with really no problems. The omega set gives you more offense especially on the bosses at the end with Tet Glider and grav ancor.

If you want to keep running the Defiant and want to use torps, get spread 3 if you don't have it already. You could go this route with your tactical officers.

Torpedo spread 1 isn't the most effective but it beats something that you won't use at all.

You do some nice burst after you decloak but tying up a console slot with that cloaking device isn't something I liked at all.

Good Luck

Before I get hammered, this is my opinion for a pve build. You really should have a completely different build for PvP than you do for PvE.

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