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# 1 Respectful requests & feedback
12-10-2011, 02:15 PM
Cryptic, as you can see there is a lot of discontented and disenfranchised players, who have been posting on the forums as of late. A vast majority have made good requests and given legitimate feedback, but have done so passionately, which can be easily misconstrued as mocking or bashing. Know that so much outrage only stems from those who really care about the game.

As such I have made this post in hopes that other players will use it to voice their opinions in a more controlled manner, so Cryptic can read feedback in a positive manner. Don't get me wrong passion is what every person needs when making a point or argument, but leave that out of this section and instead make a comprehensive list of what we players would like to see accomplished in Star Trek Online.

I will start with the problem of the new STF sets, or rather the final mark 12 sets. Some of you may have read my previous message, and as such I will keep this much shorter:

The mark 12 gear is nigh impossible for most players to get, it is not a matter of players wanting to have the sets immediately, the problem comes from the extreme rarity and randomness of the items necessary to purchase the new sets. Players are more than willing to work for the mark 12 armor, they simply want a definitive point at which they can get them, leaving their acquisition to chance is disheartening.

As a solution I believe two things can be changed, either:
1- Make mark 11 gear the full set of armor so all players can enjoy the complete look, and increase the potency of any mark 12 gear accordingly.

2- Or you can make mark 12 gear purchasable with items given in both normal and elite STFs; the Borg encryption codes. Tier 10 and 11 are both purchasable with these codes, so it stands to reason that tier 12 should be as well.
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# 2
12-10-2011, 02:30 PM
i personally have no interest in elite task forces so the mk xii is off the table for me, but even if it was not the way to acquire them is steep.

but in terms of the mk x and xii. i personally dont care about the stats. yes i want better gear but the visuals are the only thing i care about. the space gears is ok as i get get mark x for 20 data chips a piece or even go for the borg retro gear at 5 a piece which is quite reasonable.

the x gear on ground does not unlock visuals (or at least should not as far as i know) so im forced to go get the mk xi gear that i dont even really want. this will double the amount of time i need to get the gear. im sure that is the point but it just gets dull after a while, especially with the low tech drops, and i have lots of characters which just makes it all worse.

to makes matter even worse the xii gear has certain visuals that the others dont so i will almost certainly never get the entire costume unlock. i know they are meant to be epic sets and not everyone is meant to get them and when you see someone with a full set you know they worked like crazy for it, but this is not life, its a game. at some point you need to make the masses happy. only a tiny tiny fraction of players will get them. whats the point in that. why make such awesome sets that hardly anyone will play. fine the stats they have will still be better than anyone else but everyone can enjoy the visuals. its not like grinding 100- 120 task forces was a walk in the park.

so either make xi have the full look, or if you want them to be separate allow people to get xii gear through normal. maybe 20 rare salvage a piece or something that would take a while but give people a fighting chance.
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# 3
12-10-2011, 05:51 PM
I disagree. When (if) I get the mk xii gear I want people to know that I worked like crazy, like you say. I haven't seen anyone with the honor guard set milling around, but when I do I'm going to congratulate him. And it very well better have the cape on it...

That said, and more to the point, I'd be ok if you took some of the component visuals off, like, say, the cape and the 'under-armor fur' from the Honor guard set. And maybe the helmet.

[edit] Actually I'd like it if the helmet alone could be made optional, as some of us have put a lot of effort into our faces :p. I'm pretty much talking out of my rear as I'm not really sure of the mechanics, but if it applies then go with it.
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# 4
12-10-2011, 06:51 PM
I understand completely the point that you are making, because if you work hard you want others to know that you have done so, but there are many players who would very much like to have the full set (myself included) that see no conceivable future where we would have it, for getting a prototype drop is akin to winning a lottery. However, a player could (due to the random chance we all have) have worked very long and hard to get the set, or could have gotten lucky on the second go. Would you not want to congratulate a player for getting, say 80 or so, encryption codes rather than grudgingly pat another on the back who got the prototype over you, who may have been working for weeks more? Hard work needs to be rewarded, not luck.

There has to be another way to differentiate between mark 11 and 12 that still allows for the full set to be available in both, insignias? Add ons?
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# 5
12-11-2011, 09:40 AM
"...until I found out that STF rewards had been gutted. I don't even care that other players can pay money to get whatever they want; I care that a group of hardworking players, properly specced, using sufficient planning and teamwork, are no longer being rewarded for completing the hardest content in the game. In my opinion THAT is the single most damaging thing about the current model..."

Another good reason many players are upset by the new armor, as I said earlier not everyone will work like crazy, and those that do, who prepare much to the caliber of the example in the quoted text, are not being aptly rewarded for their troubles, indeed they are hardly being rewarded.
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# 6
12-11-2011, 09:42 AM
What about the change of the ranking system? I see that that is a very hot topic, what ideas are being thrown around?
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# 7
12-11-2011, 10:19 AM
I really enjoy playing the STFs, i have the full mk XI MACO space set, just got the last piece last night, I must have played about a dozen elite missions and no one has recieved a prototype thing for a mk XII set piece.

I've enjoyed playing on elite, i like a challenge, but how many do i have to play before i get a prototype?

I have played over 100 STFs and only recieved 2 special item drops, Mk XI shield, and a Mk X engine, the rest i had to grind out data chips, optional completed on about half of them.

I think the drop rate needs to be incressed, sometimes we complete the optionals and don't even get salvage for it, and we should all be rewarded with 1 prototype for completing an elite mission.

I like the missions but this is one hell of a grind
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# 8
12-11-2011, 12:31 PM
A guaranteed item, or prototype for completing an elite STF sounds reasonable, but from what I gather, not many players want that, it would take the accomplishment out of getting mark 12 gear. We need a way to allow players to have the full armor graphics, while still awarding players who got mark 12 with some sort of a distinctive look; that is both sides of the coin. Most players on the forums want the whole set of armor, while others who post want a way to show others their achievements.

Compromise ideas?

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