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# 1 Stipend & New Currencies
12-11-2011, 11:39 AM
The 2 big things I'm not happy about are the stipends & the new currencies.

1) Stipend

I think this was handled poorly. Anybody who pre-ordered the game should be set to at least the first 4 days for each month (with Each day split up based on when pre-ordered).

2) The New Currencies

I think this was definitely no handled well. Introducing a bunch of currencies, many of which can only be found by chance and with a highly annoying, semi-complicated way of exchanging them (the new STF currencies).

Add exchanging of currencies (ie, a certain number of Rare Salvage for EDC's, and vice versa) . Add more ways to earn them, more STF's and Doff missions.

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