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Hello all

I'm Airik Talor, A Contributor for "Federation Herald", a quarterly Star Trek PC gaming magazine, and fleet magazine for {UFP} The United Federation of Planets. You may have read a past edition of ours as we've interviewed Cryptic Studios a number of times (the first fleet to do so), including Dan Stahl three times. We've also interviewed other leading figures working within the general Star Trek franchise. For a look at Previous Issues
We have over 5,000 Readers and we're looking to greatly expand on that number come our Winter Edition in about a month's time.

We're looking to get the opinions of Star Trek Online gamers regarding Season 5. What have you enjoyed seeing and playing with, and what have you been disappointed with? Whatever your opinion and thoughts of Season 5 are, we want to hear from you!
We're looking to work up a general picture of what the community is thinking, and what feedback we can gain from that.
If you can spare just a few moments to share with us your thoughts, we'd appreciate it and we'll try to include as many of them as we can in our Season 5 review, and credit those who make it. If you'd like to, please reply in this thread, or if preferable you may also email us at

Also with Star Trek Online having a festive theme for the Christmas period i would like to invite you to enter our Christmas Screen Shot contest, all you have to do is take a seasonal screen shot and send it to the, closing date is January 7th and winners will be anounced in the Winter edition of the Herald

We're looking at a release to coincide with the free to play launch with a number of exciting articles, and we hope you'll enjoy another fine edition of the Herald

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