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I dont normally play on Elite, seems like too much extra work for too few rewards so I have been happy with advanced. I came back to get my Sci-Fi groove on before the launch of that other game next week but now I cant seem to get past some of the missions even on normal. The Klingon mission where you fight fear, cowardest and whatnot... No matter what I do, its a team wipe in less than 2 minutes. I pause the game, position my team, lay down my turrets and look up to see my whole team is dead. I tried that mission14 times on normal and could not beat the second guy. I tried killing off the extras first but more just spawn. I tried concentrating everything I have on him but again, failure.

It is the same thing with some of the Romulan missions, I go up against one of the Mogai Escorts and this guy flys a circle around my ship no matter what I do, he always gets his front guns on me. His first hit takes my hull down to 50% and it is a losing battle from there. I even have the automated defense console and my ship and crew are all outfitted with blue items.

Plus now I have to worry about Dilithium and all the pay to win stuff on the C-store, the farmville BO system and now ship lotteries? Sweet mother of mercy, where did the fun in the game go?
Lt. Commander
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12-11-2011, 01:30 PM
that KDF mission was always brutal,

now the difficulty has not changed, but enemies level to player levels, so i guess, with higher level comes higher DPS?

for the Mogai, difficulty has not changed, but Torpedos have changed.
they are now harder to shoot down and your auto defense turret has a chance to





before it hits you in the face.

hmm.... hit evasive, and try to shoot it yourself?

anyway they wanted those torps to be more reliable for players to use. seems they also changed it for the NPC's

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