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# 1 KDF DOFF Race Expansion
12-12-2011, 10:15 AM
I love the Tribble-reward DOFFS (especially my Romulan) and it was nice to see the screenshots of the "ultra-rare" DOFFS (perhaps call that tier "Legendary", colored gold?) that are in the pipeline.

If obscure races for ultra-rare DOFFS is going to be a continuing trend, why not just go ahead and add a supplemental race or two into the KDF mix?

The Fed's have the Pakled and Aenar, albeit inactive, and the Deltans, who are neither playable nor available as BO's. Surely there are a few nefarious minor races that could be aligned with the KDF that would satisfy the "enthusiasts" as well as compliment the the game mechanics to shore up the KDF side so that it would balance better.

I love my Klink's and all, but I'm getting tired of looking at their muggs. One looks just like the next, regardless of sex, and at the end of the day messing with the KDF DOFFS begins to lose it's appeal when it's all kind of the same.

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