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Sense: Sight. Looking. Searching. Seeing. Small vessel. Not known. Lifeforms, yes. Few. Approaching.

Sense: Taste. Plasma. From small vessel. Propulsion, it seems.

Sense: Sight. Movement. Light. Small vessel stopped. Close.

Sense: Touch. Cold. Metal. Push through. In small vessel.

Sense: Sight. Lifeforms. Four. One unclassified. One Vulcan. One Human. One Andorian. Human shows signs of Borg implants.

Alarm!!! Sense: None. Thought. Borg. Flee. Run. Hide. AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Captain's Log, stardate 492381.6. Vice Admiral Jinx recording.

Rotalaskyo and his team returned to the Nightingale about an hour ago. They approached the anomaly, and it vanished. "Simply disappeared" were his exact words. No signs that there was even an anomaly there in the first place. Of course, we do have sensor logs from before whatever it was left, but they seem to be just as inconclusive. Rotalaskyo is going over them now. I told him he could use anyone he liked from the Science division.

Now, back to D'Vat.
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Captain's Log, Stardate 89647.87

"Commander Talash has informed me of an intruiging discovery... no, no... Computer, strike last sentence." General Odahviing said as he paced in his quarters, in the his Off-duty Uniform, his mate sleeping in the bed behind him. Hearing the confirmatory chime, he began again.

"Commander Talash, first officer on the IKS Var'Kai III, has reported to me that we have an anomaly, 33 parsecs off our starboard bow. He asked leave to investigate, I granted, and he brought the ship in range.

Now, not only can I not raise the bridge, but all non-critical systems have shut down. The only reason the computer is working now is because I managed to reroute a bit of the power going from life-support to check on the state of the Var'Kai. What I saw was not good. It appears the anomaly had a graviton field, and once we got within 5 parsecs, sucked us in with more power then the warp coil could put out. Now I'm left in my quarters, trying to get my door open with my bare hands. With any luck-" The computer chimed loudly, odd... "Computer, pause log entry." the confirmatory chime as he walked over and checked the status screen, Every EPS conduit that the ship had just flared on... good for use. Power was returning, but why?

"Computer, run a scan of the IKS Var'Kai III what are the results?"

"The Var'Kai is running at full power, engines operational, we are warp-capable."

Odd... "Computer, run a scan of the area."

"We are orbiting a class M planet, several ships within sensor range. They are hailing."

"Put it onscreen."

*static as the frequency was decrypted* "IKS Var'Kai III state your intentions, and how you came to be here."

"My intentions? I would Like to know where in Kahless' name am I."

"You are orbiting the planet of Qo'noS, home of the Klingon republic, ally to the United Federation of planets."

"Ally to the United... What is the stardate?"

"89647.87 in the year 2728."

Odahviing's face went white as a ghost "T-Thank you..." he murmered "I... I will get back to you shortly, if you would tractor me into dock..."

*the figure nodded before the comms cut out, and the ship gave a slight lurch*

"Computer, resume log..."

"The log has never been paused captain..."
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Title: “Stay the Qourse”

Captain’s Log, Stardate 86975.24.
Ragnarök is en route to Corinth IV, where representatives of several Klingon houses interested in ending the war will be meeting with Federation diplomats. Command believes this might offer a real chance to end hostilities. Perhaps for that reason, Admiral Bailey has passed along intelligence suggesting that the Qan Mang are going to try and disrupt these talks. He’s asked us to provide additional security. We’ll keep a low profile, as usual, but we should be ready for anything the Klingons have up their sleeves.

Captain Richard Allen Cleary tapped the arm of his command chair, ending the log recording. He glanced at the chronometer. They should be arriving at their destination in about 12 hours.

“Commander,” he said to his first officer, Thrasa, an Andorian shen currently manning the helm, “order the senior staff off duty. I want everyone at their best when we get to Corinth. And that includes you.”

“Aye, Captain,” Thrasa replied, standing and allowing Ensign Oka to take her place. “Shall I hold the turbolift for you?”

“I’ll stay on the bridge a little longer. There are several engineering reports I want to go over.”

Thrasa grinned. “Of course. And since you never use it, I was wondering if we could turn your quarters into a shooting range? I have a few security details that could use the extra practice.”

“I’ll be along, Commander,” Cleary smiled back. “Now off to get your beauty sleep. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m well beyond it doing me any good.”

Before their banter could continue, Lieutenant Ilida called out from the science station, a puzzled look on her face. “Captain, I’m reading a spatial anomaly forming, about a light year away, bearing 81 mark 7.”

Cleary suddenly became serious again. He lifted himself out of his seat and stepped quickly to Ilida’s side. “Any indication of hostiles?”

She studied the readings for a moment, then leaned up so Cleary could see the display. “No, sir. It doesn’t conform to any known type of anomaly, but there’s no sign of any ships in the vicinity or any reason to believe it poses a danger to nearby inhabited worlds.”

Cleary studied the display for a moment. He did a quick mental calculation—about 5 hours to intercept at their current velocity—then spoke over his shoulder to Ensign Oka. “Maintain our present course, but launch a class 8 probe. Have it broadcast a warning to all starship traffic. Mark the anomaly’s position on the charts and send all information we collect to command.”

“Oh for the glory days of Starfleet!”

Cleary snapped his head around at the sound of an unfamiliar voice. In the captain’s chair, empty a moment before, sat a man in a Starfleet uniform, a leg draped over one arm and his elbow propped up on the other, staring at Cleary. His eyes were jovial, but he frowned, then shook his head and clucked his tongue reproachfully.

“Where’s your sense of adventure? Your zeal for the great unknown? Picard or Janeway would have been tripping over themselves to examine a new type of anomaly. Sisko, maybe not, but he was never my favorite. Now, what has your beloved Starfleet become? Bean counters and clock watchers. How very, very sad.”

Thrasa backed toward one of the emergency weapons lockers near the auxiliary engineering station. “Intruder alert, security to the bridge.”

The man in the center seat rolled his eyes. “Please, Captain, call off your Andorian.”

“Stand down, Commander.” Cleary stepped forward. “I believe we have a visitor from the Q Continuum.”

A visitor? One disappointment after another.” Q swung his leg down and sat up straight. “Not just a visitor, Captain, but the Continuum’s most illustrious, dashing, and handsome member. I’m sure you’ve heard of me in one of those briefings you’re so attached to.”

Cleary set his jaw and crossed his arms. “I’ve heard of you. Now, get out of my chair.”

Q’s eyebrows popped up. “Aye, aye, Captain, sir.” He rose and motioned graciously for Cleary to sit in his place.

Moving quickly, Cleary took his seat. He called up an engineering report on the arm display and began to scroll down through it.

Q waited patiently for a moment, then gestured expansively toward the main viewscreen. “Now, shall we plumb the depths of the universe? Wrest it’s secrets out of the inky blackness? Reveal the mysteries of time and space?”

Cleary tapped a button on his command console. “Bridge to Engineering. I’d like to schedule a level 2 diagnostic of the phaser coils before we arrive at Corinth IV.”

“Oh, no, no, no no.” Q’s expression turned sour. “I thought all you needed was a little motivation—a pep talk as it were. But now I see the problem is much deeper.”

“I’m aware of your abilities, Q,” Cleary said, still scrolling through the engineering report. “As much as I’d like, I can’t get you off my bridge. But I can ignore you.”

“Ignore…? You…? Why I never. I honestly expected so much more from you, especially you.” He leaned down to speak directly into Cleary’s ear. “Yes, I know about you too, about your Federation’s bumbling attempts at time travel.* I thought a contemporary of the great James Kirk would have been more…interesting. But I was wrong. You’re no more engaging than a Argolesian slug.”

“Ensign Oka, please…glsg tstgl blgls slglglgl flsf…”

In a flash, Cleary was gone. In his place was a large, wet mound of violet polyps. Two drooping antennae shivered slightly and a strangled sound gurgled out of a series of slits underneath them.

Q’s eyes narrowed.

Another flash. Instead of the slug, there was now a large furry insect. One of its long legs tapped another button on the chair’s command console. “…tsik kik kik scree kik skik ik…”

Another flash and there was a swirling mass of glowing neon gasses, filled with flashing lights. “…whooom oooor reee shassss seee rooosh…”

Q shook his head sadly.

Another flash and there was a small plant in a yellow pot where Cleary had been. Q smiled until he realized that the plant’s orange seed pods were emitting a high pitched rattle.

One more flash and Cleary returned. “…by 0.75 percent. Understood?”

“Perhaps you’re a more interesting subject than I first thought, Captain.”

Cleary looked up at Q for the first time since he had sat down. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Oh, you should be.” And with that, Q disappeared in a final burst of light.

* This character’s bio follows along the lines of the backstory of the fleet I’m in. The basic idea is that there’s a secret project to go back and save Starfleet people who “died” in the past and bring them to 2409, where they can help with all the trouble the Federation is in.
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Title: “Going Home”


Adalaxia Brigid Zeen sat up from under the auxiliary tactical console where she’d been working, rubbing her left hand. She knew what she’d see, but she looked up anyway. The Ecliptic’s first officer, Sayvok, watched her from behind the science station, his face deadpan, one eyebrow arched.

“Do you require medical attention, Captain?”

She rubbed her hand a little harder. “No. Just a static discharge.” She stood and examined the console, stabbing at its dark surface to no avail. After a deep breath, she took a step back and kicked it hard.

The console flickered and came to life.

She didn’t look back over her shoulder this time, but instead grabbed her equipment kit and headed for the mission ops station on the other side of the bridge. Occasional multicolored bursts shimmered along its length, radiating from a large crack down its middle.

“Captain,” Sayvok’s voice came from behind her, “I do not believe that we will require use of mission ops during the remainder of our journey. Perhaps your time would be better spent…”

“I appreciate the suggestion, but I think I can decide the best use of my time on my own.” She dropped to a knee and tugged at an access panel underneath the station. It popped off with a metal shriek that echoed in the empty bridge. Besides, she thought to herself, like we used to say back home, ‘you break it, you fix it.’

And the Ecliptic was broken. After several successful exploratory missions in the Hromi Cluster and the Afehirr Nebula, she’d been assigned to a tour through the Eridan Belt. After a dozen system surveys and one first contact, she stumbled on a secret Romulan military base. Even in her prime, the Nova-class explorer was no match for a wing of warbirds. It was a miracle they made it out in one piece, and doubly so that they suffered no casualties.

Except for one, thought Brigid bitterly. The damage to the Ecliptic was so extensive that she’d never see active service again. Most of the crew, except for the command staff and a few necessary personnel, were evacuated to the Huo Yuanjia. The Ecliptic was left to limp back to Earth spacedock. If she was lucky, she’d become a training vessel or a museum ship.

Brigid could sympathize. She, like a number of her officers, had been offered a position at Starfleet Academy. She liked Earth well enough, but it was hardly home. Besides, she couldn’t imagine what she had to teach. It made even less sense to her that, instead of receiving the disciplinary action she expected, she was going to be getting a commendation.

The possibility of resigning her commission and returning to New Umea occurred to her now and then, but there was a doubt deep inside her that Umea would feel like home anymore either. She'd become too used to wandering among the stars to feel settled in one place for long, or so she feared.

She gave the coil spanner in her hand a savage twist. Something popped and the console above her went completely dead. This time, she resisted the temptation of colorful language.

“Captain, I am detecting a nearby spatial anomaly. Bearing 27 mark 18.”

She dropped the spanner and picked up a phase amplifier. “Make a note of it in the sensor logs.”

“We would be able to intercept it with only a slight course change.”

She looked up at Sayvok. She had gotten to know him quite well. His face seemed serene and expressionless, but there was something about the way he held his head and the slight upward turn of his mouth that made her stop and pay attention. She followed his glance toward the center of the bridge and the empty seat there.

“Your orders, Captain?”

Brigid set down the amplifier and stood. Aside from her and Sayvok, the only other person there was Lieutenant Niles Beacon, sitting at the conn station and—wisely—minding his own business.

She stepped toward the Captain’s chair and took a deep breath. Perhaps, she thought, she’s got enough left to scan one more anomaly, after all. When she looked back at Sayvok, he nodded almost imperceptibly, as if in confirmation. Slowly, she sat down.

“Lieutenant, set a new course, bearing 27 mark 18. For old time’s sake, let’s see what’s out there.”
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Title: “None of the Above”

Sorry to be away so long. I’ll never understand why the engineers who design places like this seem compelled to make the head as invisible as possible.

Now speaking of being lost—well, this wasn’t so much about being lost as it was not wanting to be found.

It was a few years back, when the war with the Klingons was still raging. I was in command of the de Valera, a refit Constitution class. She’d been recommissioned partly because, I’d been told, there was a desperate need for ships. That was, I imagined, a polite way of saying she was expendable.

Now I think I’ve already given you some indication of the sorts of assignments command had handed over to me and my crew. We’d become specialists at doing the odd jobs that most other people didn’t want to do, or rather didn’t want to know had to be done.

We’d just finished a particularly nasty mission in the neutral zone—though, in those days, it wasn’t anything close to neutral—and were returning to the starbase at Corinth IV to meet with the Old Man, that is Admiral Quinn, who was there attending a peace conference. We’d have a chance to resupply, to be sure, and if we were lucky, a moment to catch our breaths, but I was certain that we’d be out again in some god-forsaken corner of the galaxy as fast as they could get us turned around.

So it was in that frame of mind that I heard my chief science officer—a lovely Trill named Darial Adzian, who I don’t think I’ve mentioned before—announce a spatial anomaly just ahead, only a wee bit out of our way.

Now I gather you’ve had some time in deep space, so you know—you have to work hard not to detect an anomaly every few minutes. And most of the time, they’re not much more than a cosmic hiccup. This one did look unusual, and Darial’s curiosity seemed piqued. So did mine, but not for the same reason at all.

So now I had a choice to make. Meet the Old Man on time or detour to have a gander at our anomaly.

I’ve never been very good at multiple choice tests, though that might not be quite the right way to say it. I’m not good at following the rules of multiple choice tests. When I’m given the chance to select between A and B, my instinct is to say C. And so that’s what I did here.

I knew we all needed a rest, and getting to the Old Man on time wouldn’t give it to us. On the other hand, checking in on our anomaly was likely to be as much fun as running a diagnostic on the waste reclamation system. Still, to borrow a phrase from the Ferengi, it did provide an opportunity.

I had Darial consult the charts to see if any class M planets were nearby. It turned out that one was, a pleasant little world that looked a bit like Risa, but without the need for all that fancy weather control machinery. Why it hadn’t yet been colonized or turned into a theme park, I can’t say, but it was precisely the sort of spot we all needed.

So here was the plan: we’d pass up the chance to call on our anomaly, but we’d use it as an excuse to delay our visit to the Old Man.

Now, I was no stranger to juggling companions. I suppose if the Old Man and the anomaly ever met on a street corner and started comparing notes, we’d be caught. But that didn’t seem likely. There was the little matter of the ship’s logs, but that was nothing some creative programming couldn’t solve.

When we arrived at the planet, we found nothing less than we expected. We chose a semi-tropical area, on the shore of a large inland sea, and, after a brief survey to make certain there were no alien weapon merchants or underground facilities for giving our fantasies form about, we started to beam down anyone who wanted a bit of shore leave.

After a few hours, nearly the only people left on the de Valera were me and, despite my best efforts to persuade her otherwise, my first officer, Vala, who, as an Andorian, tended to avoid sultry climes.

Unfortunately, there was a snake in this particular garden.

As it turns out, the anomaly we’d detected had been an effort to lure us into a trap. The author of that plan was a Klingon named Karg. Now we’d met him a handful of times up to that point, and though neither one of us had come away totally unbloodied from our encounters, we’d had the upper hand more often than not. Apparently, that didn’t sit well with him.

Having seen us pass his fake anomaly by, Karg followed us. He’d entered the system under cloak and landed a contingent of warriors on the planet via shuttle.

I was getting ready to head down the planet myself when Karg’s ship decloaked and Karg himself hailed me from the surface to tell me he was holding the majority of my crew hostage. He was willing to let them go, of course, if I was to give myself up. Why he didn’t blow the de Valera out of the sky first thing, I can’t say. By the time he contacted us, we’d raised our shields and were occupied in a good old standoff.

I later learned his ship had been pretty heavily damaged in our last encounter, but I can’t believe that was the whole story. I suppose our rivalry had become a personal thing to Karg and he wanted to kill me himself. It was the least original thing he might have done, but—I’d learned to appreciate this as a central principle of Klingon design—creativity is, more often than not, just asking for trouble.

So here I was again, in another dilemma. And my response was the same. I figured I’d be creative, since I rather enjoy trouble.

So I hopped on a shuttle, said my fond farewells to the crew, and headed planetside. I landed near the spot Karg had directed me to, and stepped out, ready to meet my fate. Well, sort of.

Now there’s a little device you might have heard of—the mobile emitter. Voyager brought it back from the Delta Quadrant all those years ago, and by that time, not much progress had been made replicating it. As soon as I heard of such a thing, I decided I’d try to build my own, sort of personal project if you will. I couldn’t help but imagine all the trouble such a thing could cause in the wrong hands, or mine.

I’d actually created a prototype, though it didn’t quite meet the definition of mobile. It was about 20 kilograms and nearly three feet long. I did manage to rig the thing up with an antigrav harness, so it could float around. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough.

So when I say I stepped out to meet Karg, it wasn’t precisely me. It was my photonic doppelganger. The flesh and blood me was tucked away in the back of the shuttle with a cache of weapons in a shielded locker.

Shielded from what?

Well, for good measure, I’d attached a few extras to my not-so-mobile emitter—a couple of stun grenades and an em-generator that I’d rigged to send out a strong electromagnetic pulse—strong enough to cook any exposed gear, including disruptors, in a 200 meter radius.

All Karg had to do was trigger it.

I watched from the shuttle as he walked up to the photonic me, growled something, and thrust a knife into my “heart.” That turned out to be halfway decent trigger. The hologram flickered out and the whole assembly, now exposed, dropped to the ground with a loud clang and a flash as the grenades and the em-generator all went off at once.

I took the opportunity to rush out and distribute weapons to my crew. It wasn’t long before the Klingons recovered their own wits. To be sure, they really didn’t need a disruptor to win a brawl.

Still, you can’t really imagine what it’s like to see a dozen Starfleet security officers in bikinis with phaser rifles running towards you. I can’t blame the Klingons a bit for not being able to focus completely on the fight. I was half tempted to surrender myself.

Karg escaped with the bulk of his landing party. In orbit, his ship slipped back into cloak.

We used shuttles to return everyone to the de Valera rather than trusting in the emptiness of local space and dropping our shields. Within a few hours, sadly, we were all back in uniform and on our way to meet the Old Man.

And what’s the moral of the story? I suppose you’ve come to expect one by now and that’s purely my fault. Is it to trust your instincts? Or to defy expectation? Or, perhaps, that down the as-yet-untraveled road there’s always an adventure?

In the true spirit of the story, I think I can only choose my favorite answer: none of the above.

I do, however, have much more definite opinions about the next round.
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WOW! Amazing job, Captains! I was really impressed by your Log entries and would have loved to be a part of your crew.

I am going to unsticky this now as I prepare to post #9. If you have not had a chance to post your entry yet, feel free to still do so.


Brandon =/\=
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...Tanar sank back into his chair, data-padd in hand reading over the latest situation report. The two sides had been locked in conflict for the last three hundred year, and Starfleet as usual expected him to pull a Denobulan rabbit out of his hat.

...“It says here that the separatists attacked one of their aid convoys only last week. The damn thing was a civilian target. How am I meant to work with people who are killing the innocents?” he said angrily.

...“I think that’s what diplomats are meant to do.” replied the sharp voice of Commander Jenne, the Andorian first officer.

...He craned his head to the side. “I’m not a diplomat.” The words barely escaping through his teeth.

...“I had noticed that, sir, but you are a Cardassian,” She threw up here hands when she saw his mouth start to open in protest, “and while race should not play a factor, to some it does. These people have been killing each other in the name of honour and duty for three centuries and the only people they have both had any formal relations with are the Cardassians.”

...Tanar sighed, so because of my race I have to be thrown into a situation that I am woefully unprepared for.

...“We do have three of the finest diplomats in the Federation coming with us.”

...“Jenne, ones of them is a Horta. Forgive me if I’m not overflowing with confidence at a rock giving me advise.”

... “I thought race did not matter?” she said quickly.

...“Race? No. Limbs and a head would help.” A ripple of laughter echoed round the bridge followed by a familiar chirp from the Ops station.

... “Report.”

...“Sir, I’m detecting something.” replied Ensign Brown, a young recruit, fresh out of the academy. “Thirty-three parsecs away in sector gamma five. It seems to be some sort of subspace anomaly.”

... “Can you detect any more?”

...The young ensign rapidly hit several buttons before shaking his head. “No , sir. I’m sorry but we are too far away.”

...“The conference is due to start in one hour sir. The relentless will arrive in thirty-nine minutes. A delay to investigate this normally, even at warp nine would cost us at least one hour.” replied the cool, calm voice of the Vulcan, Xen.

...“No, no, no, we don’t have time to investigate. This conference has been scheduled for months and we are behind enough as it is.” He scratched at his long neck scales. “Launch a class 2 probe and inform Starfleet command of our find. Someone better equipped with a little more time on their hands will have to deal with this one.

...A second beep sounded from tactical. Baako’s voice dominated the room. A distress signal captain. It’s coming from the same location as the anomaly. It appears to be from a Deferi transport. They say there ship has been caught in the wake of the anomaly and they can not escape. They estimate their shields will fail in under two hours.”

...“Are there any other ships in the area?” he asked. Tanar knew the reply would be no. It’s the way the universe works. The expected reply of no soon followed.

...“Damn it! Helm set a course, maximum warp.”

...“Aye, sir.” replied Xen.

..."I'll be in my ready room. Jenne, the bridge is yours." he said.

...Captain Log. Stardate 84362.5

...I have ordered an intercept course for a Deferi transport. They seem to have encountered a sub space anomaly and urgently require our help. This will mean that we will miss our scheduled arrival at Corinth IV. I know how important this conference is and I can only hope that a delay of an hour or so will not greatly affect the peace process, but I can not stand by while innocent lives are placed in danger. A sub space anomaly is both unpredictable and extremely dangerous and could have untold repercussions across this sector. It could even signal the use of as sub-space weapon which is banned by all civilised races.

...I will admit that despite the urgency of the peace talks, part of me is happy to investigate this anomaly, as it could well represent something as yet undiscovered by the Federation. However the prospect of it being a new weapon concerns me greatly, especially if it is being used by either the Corinthian Government of the rebels. The use of such a weapon would do far more damage to the peace process than a couple of hours delay.
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Scylla and Charybdis

"First officers log.
U.S.S. Eagle NCC-1738
Stardate 8152.4

The ship received an all points bulletin this morning from Starfleet Command. We were advised that the USS Enterprise had been stolen from Earth Space Dock by Admiral Kirk. We were ordered to be on the lookout for her and if we located Enterprise we where to use whatever force necessary to regain control of Enterprise and place Admiral Kirk and party in custody.

The captain had the science department begin additional long range scans for any warp signatures in the direction of Sol. the only ships we picked up where 3 merchant vessels and USS Cheetah NCC-1476 en route to starbase 27.

We are still on course for System Tau Rho 813 to investigate a strange set of energy readings we are getting from that system. The System is a Binary system with a main sequence G type star at the center. There is a Second Micro A type star orbiting the Main at approximately 5.2 AU's from the Main.

This is extremely unusual to begin with but we are picking up some strange sensor readings from the La Grange Point 3. The Captain has ordered us in to investigate.

Fortal out."

Just as Shakara shut off the personal log recorder the intercom whistled. Lt. Jensen's voice came over the intercom "Commander Fortal please report to the bridge."

Shakara got up from her desk and grabbed her uniform jacket from the back of her chair. Her mind moving ahead towards the mission at hand. This was would be an interesting scientific discovery. The energy emissions where like nothing the sensors had ever recorded. As she finished buckling her jacket on as she strode out of her quarters and headed for the bridge.

Shakara walked onto the bridge from the turbo lift. As she glanced around she saw that everyone was busy. She stepped around the hand rail and stepped down by Captain Harrison where he was sitting on the conn.

"AH! Shak, you’re here, good. These readings are even more unusual that we thought." He said as he nodded toward the science station. "Go take a look." A mischievous grin appearing on his face. His first true love was science and the exploration of space.

Shak smiled back "Good sir, maybe the last 6 months won’t have ended as a complete waste of time." They were at the end of a 6 month patrol of the Romulan Neutral zone and during all that time there had been no sign of them at all.

She turned and stepped up to the console and looked over Lt Commander Davies shoulder.

The readings where very odd, as she looked at the sensor output. There was no evidence of Radiation, Energy and Density where all negative. Yet there were particles being emitted in a slow but steady stream. They registered as nothing the sensors had ever seen before.

The only correlation, the computer could find, was that they had some of the same properties as the temporal waves found around the guardian planet that Admiral Kirk had found. Otherwise they where new and there was no reason for them to even be here.

"Captain we are passing 500 thousand kilometers and continuing to close on the location." Mirra called from the helm.

"Very good, reduce speed to 1/4 impulse and continue on course." Harrison said. He then turned back to Shakara "Interesting huh?" he asked.

"Yes sir. There just does not appear to be a reason for these particles to be here. How close in are we going sir?" she asked.

"No more than 250 thousand. Probably more like 300 or 350 thousand instead. No need to get to close. If we need to get closer then we can always send in a..." He never finished the sentence as a slight vibration ran through the ship.

"What was that?" He called as he looked at the sensors but nothing had changed.

"Sir the main Navigational Deflector is acting as if we are hitting something." called ensign Tremaine from the tactical station.

"Helm, all stop and maintain position."

"Aye Aye sir. All Stop" Mirra answered as she immediately neutralized her controls and brought the ship to all stop. The ship shuddered even harder within moments of the board registering all stop.

Shakara immediately moved towards the tactical station. "Captain I respectfully suggest we go to Yellow Alert."

Harrison nodded at her as he headed back to the conn. “Sound Yellow Alert Shak."

As Shak walked past Abby at the communications console "Sound Yellow Alert please."

Abby nodded and opened the ships intercom. "All hands yellow alert. This is not a drill! This is not a drill! All hands Yellow Alert. Man Heightened alert stations! All decks report operational status."

"Energize Defense Fields" Shakara said as she stepped up by Ensign Tremaine. "Switch shields from manual to automatic."

She watched as his hands flew over the console. "Shields reset to automatic. Main Tactical reports that Defense Fields energized. Security reports they are setting intruder alert condition 2. Charging all phaser banks" Tremaine said as he began the phaser charging cycle. Once that finished she turned back to Abby.

"Operational status Abby?" Shakara asked as the turbo lift opened and a security guard stepped out and assumed his post by the turbo lift doors.

"All Decks report manned and ready ma'am"

Shakara nodded and stepped down by the captain and said "Condition Yellow Alert set sir." Just as another even harder vibration ran through the ship.

"Sir I'm having trouble maintaining position." Mirra said "We appear to be being pulled into the nexus of the anomaly"

"Confirmed Sir!" Lt Jg Becker confirmed from the navigation console. "We have a 0.4 g acceleration towards the nexus."

"Helm full reverse on impulse. Back us out Mirra!"

"Aye sir!" her nimble light blue hands moving across her console. "That’s doing it sir we are backing away!"

"Sir Deflectors indicate we have a huge wave front incoming, Impact in 22 Seconds." Tremaine called from tactical just as the Shield Automatic setting tripped and the shields began to come up.

Shakara moved to the Science console and again looked at the readings. Davis looked up at her. "Ma'am there is nothing there. Sensors show nothing is there."

"10 Seconds" Tremaine called out.

"Confirmed Captain Sensors show nothing" Shak Called


Harrison hit the stud on his Chair.


"All Hands Brace for Impact!"


Shakara Switched the tactical deflector read out to the science station while cursing the designers who didn't give her a place to sit.


"Captain the wave is a magnitude 4.5 according to the deflectors." Shakara called.


The Bridge crew locked down their arm rests to help keep them in place.


Shak watched as it burned through the navigational deflectors like it was nothing.

“Mirra keep her nose into it!" Harrison told her.


"Aye sir" She said as she and Shakara looked at each other. "Continuing on reverse course."


Nothing just the sounds of the equipment running.


The wave hit the ship she was tossed. The effects even for such a small wave where worse than it should have been. Shakara was holding onto the console but even that was tore out of her grasp as she was flung onto the floor next to the security officer. The wind knocked out of her.

"Damage Control Report" She croaked at Abby as the security officer helped her to her feet and started walking back to tactical. Abby immediately got on the comm system to damage control central.

"Sir we are being pulled back into the nexus at 1 g of acceleration!" the navigator called.

"Let’s get the hell out of here! Mirra bring us about 180 degrees and stand by to engage warp drive." Harrison snapped.

"New Wave incoming" Tremaine reported “Magnitude 7.8 according to deflectors!"

"Coming about sir. She is sluggish." Mirra reported. "We won't be completely about before impact."

"Damage control teams report minor damage." Abby reported

"Go to Red Alert!" Harrison said.

Abby Nodded and hit the alarm klaxon and opened the intercom. "Red Alert! Red Alert! All Hands man your battle stations! This is not a drill! This is not a drill!"

"How far around are we Mirra!"

"Half way sir!"

"Engage warp drive get us the hell out of here!"

"Yes sir!" Mirra grabbed the Warp drive handle on her console.

"10 seconds!" Tremaine called out.

Mirra began to push the handle forward bringing warp power up to the point that the warp drive would kick in.


as the power climbed Shakara watched the magnitude of the wave increase exponentially.


it took just a moment for her to realize what she was seeing and the shock that registered in her mind. As she turned to Harrison to warn him.


"Warp 1" Mirra said.

And the World exploded. Consoles erupted in sparks. The main forward Life-support console exploded. When it did it launched a jagged 18 inch long piece of Duranium. Spinning on its axis like a huge saw blade. it just missed the navigator. It didn't miss the captain. It went through his neck and severed his head from his shoulders as if there was nothing there.

Shakara watched in horror as the ship shook from the impact as blood skyrocketed out of his neck where his head use to be. His body twitching from the effect of the nerve endings being severed. The ships shaking threw his body on the deck and it continued to jet blood from the stump because the heart didn't realize that it was dead yet.

She then realized the security guard was screaming. The jagged metal had done its job on the captain and then had impaled the security officer in the stomach.

As Shak hung onto the guard rail for dear life she yelled at Abby. "Medical emergency on the bridge! Get someone up here now!"

"Medical emergency on the bridge. Medical teams to the bridge!" the communications officer told Damage Control Central. It would be their job to route the closest medics up to the bridge.
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Continued ******************

Shakara was horrified at what she had to do next but she put it out of her mind as she did. As the shaking subsided she walked over to the captain’s chair and sat down. She then hit the stud for engineering. "Bridge to Engineering report!" she said as she began to wipe the blood off her hands with her pants leg.

"Just a second exec I'm still picking up the pieces down here." Eric answered.

"Commander," Abby said “Damage Control reports inner hull ruptures on decks 4, 5, 15 and 19. They are shoring them up. Gravity is down to .72. Torsional damage to frames 189, 190 and 192. Power is out on deck 12."

"Acknowledged." Shakara replied. She could feel Harrison’s blood soaking through her pants. The warm, wet feeling was not something she was enjoying. What amazed Shakara was that she should be horrified at the fact she was sitting in a blood soaked chair. Her mind seemed so detached from what was happening around her.

"Bridge, Engineering. Warp Drive is down. Main Energizer is out! Impulse is at half power. We got phaser coolant leak in forward phaser control room." Eric said over the intercom.

“Understood, Do what you can, Bridge out.” Shakara said.

“Mirra what is our position relative to the anomaly?” Her voice was just as calm as if she had just ordered her dinner at the officers club.

“The anomaly is almost dead astern of Eagle. We are still being pulled into the anomaly at approximately 3 Gravities of acceleration.” Mirra replied as she glanced at the navigator who nodded confirming her statement.

“Wave bearing 180 mark 172 incoming” called Tremaine from the tactical station. “ Magnitude 6.56. time to impact 8 seconds…Mark”

As that report came in Shakara’s mind began to try and think of something she could do. There had to be an answer. But try as hard as she could she could not think of anything. Her mind remembered Harrison talking to her once during a training exercise in the Vega system. ‘Shakara’ Whenever he used her full first name He was telling her something extremely important and she paid very close attention at those times ‘The Captain always knows what to do even when he has no idea. To admit anything else will demoralize and destroy a crew,’

At this moment she realized just how important that statement he had told her had been. For she had absolutely no idea what to do. The wave was closing on the ship and she knew Eagle could not take much more of this pounding.

She remembered her trip to the San Francisco zoo when she had been in the academy. It was the first time she had seen an Earth Eagle. They were beautiful graceful creatures when free to roam in the air as they should be allowed to. But when they where caged they where clumsy and so sad looking.
This ship was aptly named. Eagle was a beautiful bird when allowed to fly as she should. Right now she was tethered. She was cruelly tied to this anomaly just like a real eagle being caged. Locked in a place where the sky is only a distant memory. She was trying to fly and beating herself to death trying to escape this cruel cage.

Shakara realized she only had two real options. The first was to continue what they were doing and dying when the ship broke apart. Or turning the ship into the anomaly and hope she could build enough Velocity that when the passed through the anomaly that she could sling shot out of it. Assuming they didn’t die because they passed through it. They were probably dead no matter what they did. And, if they were going to die anyway, then Eagle was going to do it flying.

“5” Called Tremaine.

“Mirra prepare to bring us around. I want maximum power on the port impulse engine forward and full reverse on the starboard engine.” Shakara said as she realized she had missed part of the countdown while she had been thinking.


“Aye Aye” Mirra said as she prepared to execute those orders her blue fingers flying over her console.
“Engineering, Bridge” Shakara said as she hit the stud opening the intercom to engineering


“Engineering” Eric replied.
“Bring the emergency saucer thrusters online. Tie them into impulse controls. We will use them to assist us in bringing Eagle around.”


“That will put a lot of stress on the engineering pylon” he said critically
“Understood, just do it!”


“Brace for Impact!” Came across the intercom, as Abby warned the crew of the impending wave front.
The wave hit. The ship bucked as if she where an injured animal. Her frames groaning in pain as the hull took the stress. Eagle was a testament to the strength of the original Constitution class design. She shrugged off the impact.

“Now Mirra, bring us around now! We have to get her nose around quickly.”

“Full impulse” She said as she began the turn.

“Wave incoming, time to impact 6 seconds…Mark!”

“It’s not enough. We won’t make it.”


“Engineering we need those thrusters now!”
“They are lighting off as we speak” Eric called back over the intercom.


“That’s it! We are making the turn!” Mirra called from the helm.
“Hull stress red lining on the engineering pylon” Eric called from the Intercom.


Shakara moved forward in her seat. Her Antenna’s moving forward and her entire soul willing Eagle to finish the turn.


“It’s going to be close!” Mirra said. The emotions in her voice ringing across the bridge.
“Brace for Impact!” Abby called over the intercom to the crew again.

The sound of the turbo lift doors hissed in the background. Shakara was amazed she noticed that slight noise as if it was almost anticlimactic.

The Wave Hit. The Bridge lights dimmed then went out. Eagle fought back against the wave. The inertial dampeners screamed. The shields fought against the onslaught of particles.

“Full Impulse now Mirra! Let Eagle Fly! She has to get to the nexus before another wave forms!” Shakara said as she clung to her chair as the wave was still causing the ship to shudder.

Shakara looked over at Abby “Launch the Log Buoy!”

“Log Buoy away!” Abby said as she launched it.

Mirra never replied she just clung to her console with one arm while using her free hand to bring maximum impulse online. Eagle jumped forward. She screamed down on the nexus. It felt as if the ship had decided she wanted to live and was going to do whatever it had to in order for that to happen. Eagle screamed into the nexus her claws ready to grapple it to the death.

When Eagle passed into the nexus the universe seemed to blink out of existence. It was a moment that lasted a fraction of a second and years. It was a moment when eagle and her crew did not exist. Nothing existed. Yet, Shakara knew she did exist. It was a very unnerving feeling.

Stardate: 82235.4

USS Soverign Trust

Heading to Starbase 24 from uncharted space.

Admiral Shaaded Varzec commanding.

The Bridge Ready Room was quiet as Varzec sat there. The PaDD in his hand, providing him the fuel consumption reports to go over. Sometimes he felt that Starfleet forced commanding officers to do all this paperwork as penance for being given the luxury of being away from the confines of Starfleet command. Well if it was, they didn’t realize it was worth it. A small smile crossing his lips at the last thought.

“Admiral?” a voice asked. Varzec looked up and saw the petite blonde trill staff officer he had just been assigned to train as a senior aide.

“Yes Tula?” he asked.

“Sir, communications reports picking up a ships disaster beacon.”

Varzec’s eyebrow when up.”How far?”

“Approximately 75 light years from our location. On a bearing of 111 mark 13” She replied as she looked at her PaDD. “Communications reports the beacon is weak but they did pick up a name, USS Eagle.”

“Eagle?” Varzec looked a little confused. “Isn’t that Captain Sorek’s ship? And I thought they were still on the front?”

“Yes sir and according to Starfleet records she is still there.” She replied.

“Interesting. Lay in a course, maximum warp. No use in wasting time let’s get there and find out what Sorek is doing out here.”

“Aye Aye, Admiral.” She said and left to carry out his orders. Within a few moments Sovereign Trust changed course and velocity as the Admiral’s orders were carried out.

75 Light years away

Eagle spun on her longitudinal axis in a slow spin. Her windows where dark. She emitted no energy readings other than what the batteries put out. She was essentially dead in space. Her momentum carrying her forward, as she spun on moving through space. Eagle was dancing in the stars. A long slow dance by herself as the stars looked on.

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