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# 1 Few suggestions
12-14-2011, 10:54 AM
Hi all

After over a year in STO it is time to make few suggestions and observations regarding game.
Constant changes made game little noobish
First of all why plasma based weapons have hull burn effect in space?For any kind of fire O2 is needed so in any star trek there was no hull burn on any kind expecialy from plasma
Plasma burn effect is better to get removed from space weapons
How is possible that Borg adapt on plasma fire?fire is not energy weapon type
Elite STF's need rebalance.Tac Cube on elite doing half mill damage is way to overkill
STF's must be joyfull event not frustrating.people quit elite stf's when they start to get killed by single shot over and over again.
balancing elite STF's will make lot players happy.
and if bonus mission objectives timer stay on elite then it is logical to make elite STF's 10 players event
And when avy1 seen Borg ships armed with plasma absed weapons?
according to specs Borg ships have small,medium and large Cunnting beams and Gravimetric torpedos.
Also,what happend to Polaron torpedo and Klingon ion cannon weapon?

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