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Hi everyone, I'm starting this thread to promote my first published mission "Raptor's Reflection", as well as any further missions I build and publish in the foundry. I hope you enjoy my work.

Mission Title: Raptor's Reflection
Author: @ElijahThomas
Project ID: ST-HTNN3WO5B
Faction: Federation (Recommended for play with Starfleet Character)
Level Requirement: 31+
Estimated Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour 15 Minutes


You are contacted by Captain Shon of the U.S.S. Enterprise with a request for assistance near the former Romulan Star Empire. However, what seems like a routine mission of mercy will soon erupt into a deadly game played across two universes.


My First Published Foundry Mission
Second Place in Foundry Challenge #9 "The Mirror of Romulus"
Current Play Time between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 Minutes
Story-based mission with plenty of dialog
Space and Interior Combat
Every Map is Custom Built
Lighting issues have hopefully been addressed
Updated to include new costumes and other recommended fixes


"This was one of the best first missions I've ever played from an author. Again, are you sure this is your first lol?"
- Ashkrik23

"... I liked that mission a lot. It was a very good story..."
- Voporak

"This is a great mission for any author but particularly a first time publishing. You have outstanding map designs, fun battles, and excellent story dialogue. I would highly recommend this mission to all players who like those elements in their missions."
- Evil70th


Custom Interior
Custom Space Map
Custom Exterior

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10-05-2014, 09:21 AM
Raptor's Reflection @ElijahThomas


Wow, how did you get the dark effect?

The detail in this map is incredible.

Starship Interior

Multiple dialogue options are nice.

Excellent custom map.

Are you sure this is your first mission....?

Romulus System

Excellent trigger work.

Excellent dialogue.

Viraj II

Again....well done on the map.

This was one of the best first missions I've ever played from an author. Again, are you sure this is your first lol? I have 6 missions on my belt and I have not even attempted to create custom structures like you have, haha! Easily 5/5. The detail is amazing and the dialogue is excellent. It will be earning my vote in foundry challenge 9.

I hope you create more content soon.
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