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02-15-2012, 10:38 PM
Other p2p games that went f2p games do this too. Alienate their long term players in favor of people who think they save money by buying a la carte, when in fact they actually end up spending more over time. It doesn't matter that YOU may continue to support this game with your paltry (in their eyes) sub fee, it only matters that they can grab some higher revenue more quickly in the short term from f2p players. That is the business model in a nutshell. So don't expect anything to change as long as people continue to frequent a cash shop that makes you pay more than a sub fee for anything that would have been included in your sub fee had the game not changed. I have said this on LOTRO forum, said it here now, and have said it in TSW and that hasn't even launched.

The store is not the friend of subscribers, it is their bane. Having just discovered this by reaching level cap and having the game request I spend 25 dollars for a ship on ONE character that matches player type (Tactical), instead of granting one like every other tier in the game. When that happens, it tells me that game content is being moved to the store, so that anyone that does decide to subscribe is not going to be treated to the same game that long time subscribers get. You will have to either wait almost 2 years to get a vet reward of a free one, sit on the stipend for 5 months to buy one on ONE character, or pony up the cash. On TOP of the monthly fee. Sorry, but that dog won't hunt.

If you don't have a problem with that, that's your bag. But I've seen enough of that in other games to know that it's paying for an incomplete product to subscribe at this point. Like LOTRO, like any other so called free to play game. Even if you pay the sub fee, you still do not get all the content that sub fee pays for. Anyone that claims you aren't covering development costs with the purchase of a game and a monthly fee are working for Cryptic or PWE. Case in point, when they raise the level cap again, and they practically have to to keep people interested in continuing to play this game, the only people who may still get free top tier ships are the lifers and long term subscribers as rewards for being there so long, while anyone that decided later on to get involved is treated punitively. Not very smart if you want to keep revenue incoming long term. Particularly in a game with PvP and where having the correct ship style matters.

They know this however, and bank on peoples tendency to spend first and think last. Debit cards have made people very loose with money, where before you had to actually get off your butt and go to the bank to get money, and had that travel time to possibly rethink your spending habit. Online purchases have carried this to almost instant levels. No thought involved, see something shiny, CLICK and it's yours.

But it is ultimately up to consumers to decide what kind of treatment they prefer. Do you want to be treated like an ATM machine, or as a person?

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