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12-22-2011, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
He's in his new office on DS9


Brandon =/\=
Even though players can Talk to him, they can not turn in their Missions to do so. It has been reported as a bug, where does the fix come in??
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Originally Posted by Presticus View Post
I'm going to second this. I've got a VA with the requisition form you get for free now. But after my eyes glazed over reading all the text (and I like reading!), and running back-and-forth manually going through each vendor trying to exchange it for something and failing, I gave up. Now it's just sitting there in my inventory taking up space.
Originally Posted by James_Bailey View Post
I was going to make fun of you for complaining about the reading and suggest there should be an action to HUG D'Vak for a reward. Then I remember having to ask one of my fleet mates to walk me through the process lol

There is a lot of good information in there that should be available to read (if you want to) but you are right, there should be just a simple button to press so you can get out of that crowded room!
I gotta say, I'm glad and sad to see I'm not the only one. But... heck, they can streamline stuff for the C-Store in a dialog that shows the product matrix with tool-tips and product descriptions that show up when (and only when) you need them, but for the game itself we've got to put up with presentation methods that are so 1990 it's not even funny?

What gives Cryptic?! Really!?

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