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I saw this game was going F2P and decided to give it a go, and support the developer.

I purchased a boxed retail copy, and i tried to just sign up and use the free 30days, however it wants a subscription credit card which im unwilling to do with it going F2P.

I wanted to give it a early look, support the developer by buying a boxed copy, and test Wine compatibility with Linux. I'm unable to do these things.....perhaps theres a way to do this that im not seeing?

Any assistance would be welcome as im a huge trekkie and very much wanted to play before the F2P deludge...


( I may be a OSS developer (wine & linux kerenel), and free software advocate.......but i still believe in supporting developers where possible when commercial software is sold. The devs need to put food on the table too.)
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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12-16-2011, 02:40 PM
Hi.. You can have it both ways..

The actual billing wont happen til your 30 Days are up and the F2p starts.
They like the credit card to make the C store easier to bill .. if you go to the F2P FAQ on the forum it will map out and explain this to help you.

IT's nice to buy the box good idea you get items added to help you start out a new Character
Bonus depending on the Retail partner.. for Gear or Experience boost.

IT's not a bad change i went through it with Champions on line when they went F2p.

The Customer Service Support tab on the Web for Cryptic studios is easy to use ..but the phone lines not.


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