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12-19-2011, 02:45 AM
passages i was refering to:

But the new plasma match quantum's in a single shot for damage. I do not have time to log in right now but it was something like 5891 for plasma and 5897 for quantums. Only plasma works out better as much more bypass's shields. Plasma will do something like x3 more damage against a shielded target and match quantums against no shields
The underscored numbers are without shields and without crits. No quantum hits through shields for 5897 dmg. 2636 dmg of the plasma bleed through shields, and that is working as intended, because 2636 is distributed over 10 sec time.
In my opinion, again, plasma are not better they are the same, only that plasma torps have no spike dmg like quantums have.

But normal Plasma torpedo's now do the highest DPS in game effectively as if my math is right 2636 of the 5891 damage bypass's shields (with skills and gear). Even when shields are down the total damage is almost the same as Quantum. You don't really need high yield just Plasma spread and watch a bunch of weaker ships all die and good damage to a group of strong ships.

In SB24 a single low level Torp spread will kill a whole group of fighters as torp spread boosts DoT damage with 100% chance to trigger.
So plasma torps deal all over (impact) 3255+(dot) 2636 [your numbers second quote], nearly the same amount of dmg as quantums. And thats working as intended, because they have the same cooldown. Big difference is, that quantums can crit for 5897 x2 +critseverety rating. Which comes to about 12-13k on my ships.
Plasma torps can crit too, but never can never compete with the high numbers of a quantum, due to their low impact dmg. I'm not sure if the dot is critable, but my guess would be yes.

And high yield works with the same numbers as tricobald, difference is that tricobald leaves a disable effect, plasma torps HY leave a dot.
I find the change actually a necessaty, to balance out Topredos an give each a unique ability but keeping the all over numbers in balance, and thats what happened to the plasma torpedos.
Lt. Commander
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12-19-2011, 03:02 AM
When you crit with plasma the DoT becomes a crit as well so will match the same damage as a quantum crit. Plus a Plasma Crit on a shielded target is very large damage compared to very little for a quantum crit on shields.The reason I find Plasma better is they do massive damage while shields are up compared to almost no damage for quantum. By the time shields go down Plasma would have done more damage than a full quantum volley on an unshielded target.

I just noticed another possible change in High Yield if the target dies the torp finds a new target instead of fading away. I still don't like High yield but cannot find Torp spread III yet.

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