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# 1 A new STO record!
04-17-2013, 05:51 PM
So we were just talking in our fleet chat when me and the guys noticed something:

- the last KDF C-Store item was the Bortas'qu Pack.

- Bortas'qu / Odyssey Packs were released with LAST YEARS First Contact day.

Congratulations Cryptic: ONE YEAR with no, null, nada new KDF C-Store Items.

Nothing that wasn't inside a LockBoxes the Lobi Store or required a Fleetbase anyway.

That has to be some kind of record.
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# 2
04-17-2013, 05:54 PM
They should update their infographic.
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# 3
04-17-2013, 06:00 PM
we all know the KDF has not been getting many new ships lately, and one year with no new KDF ship is a long time.

But again, many have posted this topic, over and over and over. I remember many post about the KDF's lack of content There is suppose to be new KDF stuff coming out in season 8, lets hope for the best.

But again, this is the same complaint that was posted many times before. IDK if your trying to send out a message that KDF has a lack of ships, or just stating that it has been a year since a KDF ship came out.

I agree that the KDF has a lack of ships, but we can not do much but post about it. Lets just see if season 8 brings KDF stuff.
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# 4
04-17-2013, 06:25 PM
oh KDF got a few ships all right....
just none of them went into the C-Store

i'd be perfectly happy with a C-Store Hairpack... or some clothing options for my Gorn...

i'm talking purely C-Store Items.

As in... wasn't the C-Store made to make money? Then why are there no new items in there anymore?

there was the KDF Timeship, in a LockBox
there was the FREE Ambassador counterpart (the one with the ugly bussard collectors that i don't like) Kamarag or something?
+ a Fleet Version of that (Fleet Modules... not exactly a new kdf c-store item)

and i think KDF got a hand full of new Fleet Ships (B'Rel... and a few more?) not so long ago

really not talking Ships here, just C-Store items in general. OK I'd like to see something fresh for the Orion / Gorn / Nausicaan part of the Fleet (my Gorn is not a SCI and the Orion Ships have builds that don't suit my playtyle... so alternatives plz?) some point.
But thats about all i can complain about there.

It is really just... i got Zen piling up and nothing to buy in the C-Store anymore and now i notice WHY... they aren't releasing anything new in there!

I mean not even Fed's get many C-Store items anymore.
The occasional 5000 Zen Ship pack, but with so much breathing room in between item releases that i can easily get twice that before the next pack arrives.

I'm no LockBox junky maybe that is the problem, i usually got enough EC to buy the LockBox content from others that i'm interested in, at best i open some Boxes for a fix amount of Lobi required for a bound on pickup Lobi Store item. But even those Keys i buy with EC from the Exchange.

I just feel, they could make more money from this game if they would try to sell something from time to time... you know, the oldschool way -> C-Store and Account Wide plz.
That KDF got nothing for a whole year in there... just shows how much priority KDF and C-Store both enjoy.

Geko i'll give you 10000 Zen for a KDF Hair pack and more Gorn / Orion / Klingon clothing options. Just stay away from me with that Lobi Per Character unlock crap.
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# 5
04-17-2013, 06:53 PM
Hopefully KDF will get more c-store stuff come May along with the new episode content.

lack of c-store options s really hurting the KDF faction IMO. I would eagerly pay out for some Gorn/Naucassian/Orion bridge packs (preferably based off the TOS bridge pack, so we can have a Gorn/Nauc/Orion crew as well), or some decent clothing options. (more boots without spikes would be nice, in particular). Lack of content alone means I don't play my KDF characters as much as I could, no doubt about it.

I have also noticed the trend for these monster 5000 zen ship packs recently, which I am not enthusiastic about. They seem to be almost gamebreakingly better in many ways than even the 'normal' zen store ships, and also require you to pay out 2000k to get the msot out of them (basically paying out 5k zen for one ship, since you are likely to be using only one of the three). No new C-store ships that were not in ship packs for a while now, not to mention items or clothing options. Can't remember the last one of either of those to come out.
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# 6
04-18-2013, 01:55 AM
Originally Posted by catoblepasbeta View Post
I have also noticed the trend for these monster 5000 zen ship packs recently, which I am not enthusiastic about. They seem to be almost gamebreakingly better in many ways than even the 'normal' zen store ships

I can't really agree here, if you have 10 console slots and three of them are occupied by the default ship powers, then you have a 7 console ship with 2 or 3 new ability BUTTONS, but those usually come with 3 - 5 MINUTES of cooldown which is an eternity in combat, sure they feel nice and powerful while they are active but for the duration of the cooldown those consoles might just as well not be there. Now lets add 2 or 3 C-Store consoles from other Ships... suddenly you are left with 4 or 5 console slots and you Ship becomes really weak to any other Ship with just simple purple XII consoles for basic power increase.

Usually i would go for the default consoles that give +xx damage or +xx shield cap or whatever, but in the end of the day i have 10 characters and i want my Ships to feel a little bit more different (with just 3 classes in the game it is hard enough to make them feel different as it is), not to mention i PAID for these consoles so i might as well use them.

But for example the Andorian Cosoles aren't that good really.

I agree with everything else you said though, 5000 Zen packs seems the only thing that happens in the C-Store anymore, many aren't willing to spend that much... these are not "Microtransactions" anymore.
The idea behind something like the C-Store is to offer a high quantity of cheap items, that are worth it. You may not want to buy that latest 5000 Zen Ship because you are not into the Andorian design, so it is either a yes or no on the 5000 Zen sale for this month.
Now lets imagine they sell 5 items in the C-Store for 1000 Zen each. You may not want all 5, but you will want one or two.... 1000 Zen isn't that hard to get or to justify so you will just buy it. A week later you might buy the other item that you just eyeballed.

Lower prices and higher quantity of items just move more volume than few high priced items.

But the C-Store doesn't seem to have any priority for money making anymore since the LockBoxes work so well for them. Why create something for a dollar that is worth it if people are willing to spend one dollar after the other for LockBoxes with pure ZONKS inside?

In a way it is our own fault for using the LockBoxes that we don't get quality C-Store content anymore.
Well LockBoxes aren't going away anymore, i don't like them i never will. But at this point i at least don't hate them anymore.

I just don't get why cryptic can't do BOTH.

hmm.. well at least Romulans will surely cost some Zen to get the shiny Stuff, doesn't help the KDF much though.
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# 7
04-18-2013, 03:30 AM
I agree we should be getting c-store content on a regular basis like the Federation, but we are the 18%, be proud of who we are and what we have achieved with only 18% of the player base. In the end we are much more successful than the Federation core players. A KDF tier 2 fleet has a more dedicated group than a Federation tier 2 fleet that has 2-3 times the members.

Personally I am hoping there will be a chunk of new c-store items in May with the expansion. I have over 10,000 Zen just waiting for this, new uniforms are a must for me. Ships would be nice, but if there aren't any I can live with the c-store versions we have for a little while longer. Personally I want a new science line of ships, a Lethean design (preferably a cruiser or escort) and a Orion design that isn't a deck carrier, perhaps a full carrier or something else.

I don't touch Fleet ships that require 2000 Zen worth of fleet modules which to me is a massive waste of money considering it's only character and not account bound. I still disagree with the way they did that, but I am just one person which really doesn't count for much to Cryptic, if registered at all to them.

Lets hope May brings us some new goodies that this time will be worth investing in for the majority of us KDF players. The Bortasqu while successful for some wasn't for many more due to have such a unique play style is required to use them effectively.
Originally Posted by macronius View Post
Cryptic is sloppy. Breaking News at 11. This is what happens when there is no outline or plan and you just make up **** as you go along.
Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
We can tell our great grandchildren, "In my day, our cloaks were so sensitive that even dialogue broke them and we couldn't change our clothes!"
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# 8
04-18-2013, 03:56 AM
I know how you feel, I'm sitting on to of over 11k Zen. Its been stewing there for a while, I normally always top up in the zen sales, but it seemed pointless as the only things to spend on seem to be lock boxes or fleet modules, and I'm never going to budge on those.
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# 9
04-19-2013, 09:13 AM
For the sake of completeness, the last KDF-only C-Store items released were the Ferasan Playable Race and Bridge Officers, not the Bortasqu' pack.
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# 10
04-19-2013, 09:35 AM
"...just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that." - Dan Stahl

The 18% doesn't make them money.
The 18% gets nothing that doesn't make them money.
They don't care about 18%

Fly your free Kamarag, or pay 2k zen to upgrade to the fleet version and like it.
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