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Greetings all.

Recently as I browse the forums it has come to my attention just how large the Gorn fan base is out there. With this in mind, I have completed my first Foundry mission titled, "I Pledge Allegiance." I won't give anything away but it is a Klingon mission centered around the Gorn, but meant to be played from the point of view of a Klingon. (I have a Gorn character, but I play him off as a liaison officer on a Klingon ship, so feel free to explain away the plot holes fellow Gorn)

Essentially the entire plot is a harbinger to the potential Gorn Rebellion and more importantly, it illustrates the problems that could arise between the Klingons and their subjugated Gorn allies.

What I am most proud of in regards to this episode is that it isn't just a point and shoot A to B mission. While this is my first mission, be prepared for moral dilemmas and political decisions that can alter not only the outcome of the story but your characters' soul.

Note: I've also seen a lot of people asking for a Gorn homeworld. I have yet to see anything, but I'm taking it upon myself to create one to tide us over until the Developers make a real place we can call home. I haven't begun work but, the zone will likely be one or two maps where players are free to come and go, with a string of optional missions (which would be required in order for the episode to exist in the Foundry) where players can speak to Gorn officials, civilians, or maybe King Xrathis himself. I mean to make it the Gorn version of Starfleet Academy, complete with modest lore missions and whatever else I can string together within the boundaries of the Foundry.

So keep your fingers crossed. If this sounds like it might be fun, let me know. I will endeavor to make the homeworld as canon as possible, but keep in mind that with so little information, much of this strange new world will arise from my own imagination, so be gentle nitpickers
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# 2 Follow Up
12-21-2011, 08:17 PM
So after just talking about the idea I got to work on creating a makeshift social zone through the Foundry. It's tough, so it'll be a while but I hope to have it done within a month. I also decided that due to the limitations of the Foundry and the potential (unlikely though it is) that the developers may make a real Gorn home world, in which case I don't want all this work to simply go outdated, I am going to create a city scape for Gila IV.

For those of you who are unaware, Gila IV is the place that essentially began the war between the Klingons and the Gorn. And the fact that it was bombarded at one point by a Klingon fleet can explain away some of the problems with the current set up.

At present, Gila IV will be a zone/mission with three separate locales:

Saurus Gorode: Main city with minor missions that link to one another, but will hopefully be designed so you don't have to do all of them. Otherwise it will take hours to complete if you want to do anything.

Shivauhees Bog: A wilderness area to stroll through and hunt.

The Crypt of Eons: A pretty cool place I've enjoyed designing where you can complete lore missions and learn more about the Gorn culture.

It's a lot of work but at present I have created all of the environments and characters. Now all I need to do is find a way to put in the missions and see if I can jury rig an optional objective process. The Crypt of Eons is by all intents and purposes done, and I start work on the swamp next.

Rock on, Captains.

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