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# 1 Negh'var DPS Build....
01-08-2012, 11:44 AM
Hello Everyone I was wanting to share/get opinions on my Negies Build. Im trying to maximize dps....
3 Dual Heavy Cannons and a Quantum Torp... in front 3 turrets and a Quantum mine in rear
125 to weapons 50 shield 80 engines 43 aux
Torp Spread 1 and Cannon RF 1
Ensign Eng
Engin Team
Com Eng
Em Pwr Shlds 1, Rev Shld Pol 1, Direct Energy Mod2, Aceton 3
LtC Eng
Em Pwr Shlds1, Aux to Dmpnrs 1, Ex Shlds 2
Sci Team 1, Hazard Em 2

Turn Radius is 20 with gear, engines ,ect

Any suggestions on what else I can do to maximize dps? With the new skill tree out I don't have any in that AGRO skill tree that adds agro and damage resist and even without it I tend to be the one the Tact Cubes like especially after a round of rapid fire cannons lol.

Thanks in advance!

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