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I've been playing since closed beta, took a 4 month break and came back to a patch nbd right? well now I've been getting all kinds of .Wtex errors and disconnects on map changes, I've deleted all the texture .hoggs and even went as far as to un install the game. works for a day or 2 then back to the same grind .Wtex error crash. Its never the same one twice so I'm not going to post it. this has been going on for 2 months now and I've done everything support has told me to do, ran nettest and every thing is in the 600's so its not me. I run win7 64, nvidia 480 gtx, i9 3.3. every thing is up to date so is it me ? I see alot ofothers with the same issue. the last time I hade this problem it told you what .hogg the error came from, you replaced it and never had a problem again, but now with the .Wtex errors I have no idea where to look and its driving me nuts. so much for life time membership. now you get a lifetime of .Wtex errors to go with it.

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