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01-20-2012, 08:55 AM
I'd be very suprised if they give you all your items back. I was hacked once on GW and i lost all my things, including my gold.

At the time i got my account back, I didn't see the point in stay there and keep playing it. The hacker would return to hack me account again, so that's why i came here to enjoy STO.

Anyways, sorry to hear you been hacked mate...Your not alone with this crime.

Good luck
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01-20-2012, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by Bhuark View Post
My edited ticket got another response from Jenny today. They are looking at a date further back in time to restore my account to. There is still hope.
If they just rolled it back to the last time played, even the last few times, they'd probably just be rolling back to after or during the hacker taking all of your items. They need to go a bit further than that, seems like they didn't.

I do hope they keep logs of what IPs you're connecting from so that they can ban the perpetrator of this act and report him to his ISP. It's a really low thing to do.
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01-20-2012, 05:33 PM
Same happened to me, finally was able to log in after having trouble with the launcher after about a year away from game, to find my account hacked and chars stripped. I got an email about 17 days ago saying there was abnormal activity on my account, so I went in and changed my pass, but did not log in to check chars until yesterday. I did submit a CS ticket , and received a response that it had been escallated for further review.

Hope they can figure a way to restore the hacked accounts.
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# 34 Final Update from OP
01-26-2012, 12:27 PM
I will keep this thread open for a while still.
I logged in today and had a final message from Jenny B. in Account Services. She reported that she had been told that four of my characters had been able to be restored to a prior date.
I checked those four and all appeared to be in good health with all the requisite gear.
The other six characters seemed to be S.O.L. and I was told that they could not be restored back any further.
Let me say this: I think that is most likely false, and they only wanted to restore a few of the characters ( I was given no explanation ). However, my four highest-level characters ( all Federation ) were restored, so I can't complain too loudly. Also, I was asked to provide the names of which characters on my account I wanted rolled back and I stated "all of them", as all of them had been "cleaned out".
All in all, meh.
However, multiple time point restores are possible. The team took my requests and did their best to accomplish what I asked for. So, there is hope for the Hacked. Just maybe think about which characters you really want restored.
Thanks for reading, I am ultimately satisfied with my experience with customer support after having my account hacked. It did take almost a month and a half though. That's all. Be patient and be selective. LLAP.

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