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Ok I've checked back several months on forums to see if this is still an issue (because i can't stand multiple multiple posts about the same subject), and i didn't see any information so I thought I would ask it.

Pre-S5 I bought some of the niceties we could get on Tribble via the stipend that Cryptic was giving us. I then bought some also (c-points) to be used on Holodeck. When I made a purchase on Tribble I noticed that it had also subtracted that purchase from my Holodeck count. (not the item but the count). Remember all of this was pre-s5. Is this still an ongoing issue? I would like to try out some of the new things on Tribble as i have 6003 C-Points on Tribble and 203 on Holodeck (why is it an odd number? beats the heck out of me.) But you'll notice that the odd amount is the same on both. So any help here would be appreciated. I don't want to get stuff on Tribble only to lose what I have left on Holodeck. TIA.

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