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So these are things that just irritate the hell out of me for varying reasons. The top 2 are the ones that bother me the most. If any of you can think of any bugs/content that needs improving or tweaking please respond maybe Cryptic will actually fix it.

1. There are no Alien Female Bridge Officer Candidates of better then common quality. This has been a fact since beta. I've had a ticket in since week 1 of release.

2. Alien Female Bridge Officers (common quality), and Alien Female Players do not have all the character creation options. Specifically bothering me is that they can't choose the "Long Nails" feature for hands.

3. Gold Pressed Latinum is abundant with no real use. Trophys of GPl and temp Holo emitters are shiny the first 5 minutes. Doff assignments needing GPl are new and few and far between. I suggest adding Ferengi vendors that sell gear for large amounts of GPL. Fits in line with the canon perfectly.

4. Bridge Officer Candidates on the exchange should be sub categoried for Federation and Klingon players. With limits of up to 400 searches it gets annoying even with filters.

5. Make Bridge Officer Candidates show their rarity color in the name of the item and not the little icon on the border. This helps those of us who can't make it out or are color blind.

6. Duty Officers on the exchange need severe sorting. First sub categoried by Klingon and Federation.
Secondly further sub categoried by Duty section. As in Tactical, Security, Engineering, Operations, Medical, Science, or Other.

7. Duty Officer assignments are not balanced in the slightest in terms of reward vs risk vs length. The xp on 30m 45m and 1h assignments is the same as longer missions. Where as 2h,3h,4h and so on have great risks of casualties and take more Duty Officers. One could say that they want people playing to have the better reward from doff assignments except for the fact that these atrocious 2h+ missions are 95% of the assignments in every sector.

8. Duty Officer assignments have a static update time. That's all well good except for the fact that when they update you get 1 or 2 missions sometimes or more often then not none at all. I've personally had shipboard updates give me 0 assignments more then a dozen times on multiple characters. This is purely poor design.

9. Duty Officer assignment rewards do not give the item listed as a reward 90% of the time. Any reward that has a tangible item such as new Duty Officers, Bridge Officers, weapons, armor, particles. I've finished recruitment missions where the reward lists 2 named Duty officers of green quality and i recieve 2 different common quality officers of entirely different specialtys. I've had a critcal success list a tetryon turret MK XI accx3 purple as a reward and upon collecting recieved a polaron turrext Mk X. I've had bridge officers reward have decent listed skills like Beam overload 3 and upon receiving have boarding party3. This a severly frustrating bug especially not getting the reward listed on a crit success when you really have to work to get crit successes.

10. If you take a daily mission, we'll say rescuing deferi captives, but you don't do the mission till the following day you run into a severly annoying bug. After completing the mission you can then take it again, as it's been more then 20 hours since you last took it. However when you go to do the mission and enter the map it will not have been reset from your recent completion leaving you unable to do said mission. This is true with every daily.

11. Several star cluster ground missions have a huge problem with terrain. Enemies and your away team will constantly fall through the ground. Rendering away team useless and enemies untargetable while they can still incinerate you. This terrain issue is another issue that has been around since beta. I've personally bug reported this before.

12. Advanced Heavy Cruiser and Excelsior Refit from the C-Store are the same ship, just different tiers, but only one of them has the Transwarp Coil Console. As with the Nebula they should both have the console.

13. Bridge Officers have melee skills but do not properly use melee weapons even though they can equip them. They just stand there if at range, only using the knockback if an enemy gets close.

14. Bridge Officers do not properly use Tribbles for buffs/healing. They only sometimes use them or when the idle "pet the tribble" animaton kicks in.

15. Combat Horta pets like the Elysium Horta and Polytrinic Horta share a cooldown. This makes no sense. They should have a staggered cooldown like sc/tact/engineering team does. You can only have 1 of each of these horta.

16. Following up from 15, Combat Horta can be equipped onto Bridge Officers but they will not use them. They should be able to use any item that they can equip.

17. Radan Tribble give 5 Dilithium ever hour. Awesome right? However if you accidentally pet him while his cooldown is going it restarts the timer on the dilithium part. This needs to be addressed, maybe allow the tribble to have a passive 5 dilithium an hour proc so petting is only for his buff.

18. Klingon theme music. Seriously where is this? The best song that personifys Klingons, originally from the motion picture and revamped for Star trek 5. This song should be in, i can't really get into my Klingon charcters because Federation music plays.

19. Stfs - The cooldown on running Stfs needs to be seperated. If i run normal Cure i should be able to then jump right in Elite. Waiting on people because of shared cooldowns is atrocious.

20. Fleet actions - no one ever runs these. Remove the minimum to start and just have freshly queing players join into the existing. I'm sure alot of players, such as myself can solo most if not all of a fleet action.

21. Odd numbered Mark gear is worthless with the exception of MK XI. Make it so that from levels 1-5 is MK I, 6-10 Mk II, 11-15 MK III, 16-20 MK IV, 21-25 MK V, 26-30 MK VI, 31 -35 MK VII, 36-40 MK VIII, 41-45 MK IX, 46-50 MK X, 51+ MK XI and MK XII. The gear already drops like this and "level appropriate items" use this range, with the exception of MK X+, make the use of the gear the same. This will help to fix the broken economy.

22. Level appropriate items do not work at VA. Love when i get this choice as a reward and get a MK X as a reward. Not only is it usless to me as a VA, but MK X gear due to the way the system works is worthless. It should always be MK XI gear with chances at XII.

23. Visiting your bridge doesn't display your Bridge Officers correctly. You'll end up with spots filled by generic npcs or you'll have one of your Bridge Officers cloned multiple times. last time i went to my bridge it was populated by 4 copies each of 3 different Bridge Officers. -FIXED

24. Removal of the replay from the ready room. This was a great feature, removing it in favor of replay from just the mission log is terrible.

25. Replays from the mission log don't work correctly. Several different missions are unable to be retaken. Additionally it list the Breen episodes as available at 49+. Making one of the most fun FE's into endgame only content is disheartening.

26. Borg red alerts. when entering these random events players should be auto-teamed just like STFs. Relying on players to form their own team is horrible. Most people don't accept invites and fly off and do their own thing causing this random event to fail far too many times.

26.5 as posted by Z3R0B4NG
- Bridge Officer AI
- BOffs suddenly standing in one spot, not moving any longer after battle
- BOffs not returning to default formation after battle, but running right in front of you!!! since Season 4. (extra awesome in shooter mode!)
- Sword of Kahless, while holding, the left arm looks ...for the lack of a better word... crippled.
since it's introduction to the game. (but who cares about those old items, we have Laserswords now!!!)

26.7 as posted by 3-of-8
- Revive icon always lit
- cant find people trapped in walls etc in big dig
- warpout audio only a whoosh no build up audio like the shows
- no players on minimap
- zoom broken

26.9 as posted by Alexraptor
-No longer able to respec without a Respec Token.

27. Players and bridge officers have their hair and body parts phase out of existence when beaming up, prior to the actual teleport effect happening.

28. Not all players or bridge officers have an animation when beaming. Example Reman bridge officer.

29. Add the option to select your beam out animation. Activate wrist for a Klingon or Borg, slap your combadge or use a ToS communicator. This is flavor and adds to immersion for most players.

30. When changing your shields with your ship window open, if the shield has a visual it causes the displayed ship to dissapear. Stays gone until you zone.

31. Exocomp pets are not exocomps. They are devs lazy port of the support drone model to pet abusing the name exocomp to make a quick buck. Additionally Exocomps are sentient beings and wouldn't be anyone's "pet". Hortas are also sentient but the pet one is a hatchling so a baby following you around is plausible. Turn the existing Exocomp "pet" into it's real model and make it a 60 sec battle companion like the other hortas but make it an Engineer who heals shields or repairs emplacements.

32. Duty Officers can not be linked to chat.

33. Foundry hasn't had any improvements in a long time. Needs options for making an enemy npc into a friend and vice versa. Needs to replace Sol System and ESD maps that are listed with the current versions and not the beta versions that it has now. Many other improvements are needed but far too lenghty tog et into.

34. MK XI items are randomly listed as both rear admiral lower half and upper half. MK XII gear is listed as Rear Admiral upper half.

35. Get rid of the lower half/upper half system. It was ingame because Cryptic didn't have the 51 cap on release and cap was 45. Cap is 51 now make 41-50 just Rear Admiral.

36. Logging out should return you to the character select screen. As a player with multiple alts it's extremely annoying to keep having to type my password in everytime i want to pickup an item i mailed to a different character.

37. Anomalys in exploration missions do not always give appropriate level materials.

38. Single Cannons are little used. There is just not a situation where they are viable.

39. Turret fire rate needs to be improved. These should fire far more blasts per activation. It not only makes them look better but it will make them a solid choice against beam arrays.
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Part 2.

40. Bridge Officers should be able to improve their existing traits like they do skills. Either through existing bridge officer skill points or some new method.

41. Duty Officers should be able to be improved in quality. These officers go out, do missions get roughed up and do all kinds of ridiculous things. They should be able to advance in quality say through having their own xp bars. easy to do as they already have their own personal stat page. Or through using Officer skill points or some new method. It's ridiculous to assume that a character could do all they do and not get better at all. " I know you brokered peace with the Hirogen and got a critical success, but you're still just a common officer and not worth recognition."

42. Ability via the above method to level a Duty Officer to Bridge Officer. You could call it the "Wesley Crusher Method".

43. On the forums, whenever Branflakes posts to a thread it has the "Dev post" in the thread info section. Branflakes is not a dev and this is misleading, making us think that a dev is actually showing themselves. Need to change this part to "Mod post" so we know when Branflakes responds and keep "Dev post" for when an actual dev (i don't think they exist) posts a reply to a thread.

44. C-store ships no longer being account wide. Really Cryptic? This right here kills any reason to make more then 1 of a class. Who's going to want to drop $15 multiple times for a Dkyr? I had heard something to the effect of anyone who had already bought the ships prior to the change had them as a legacy unlock. This is only for the characters you acctually got the ship with. So if your main had bought the $25 gal x, it was available for your other guys. If you had the unfortunate luck of not picking up the ship on your other characters you're dropping another $25 if you want it. As someone who has 12 characters, which is investing in character slots, this just comes off as miserly from Cryptic. If i wanted them all to have the Gal X i'd have to drop $300.-fixed

45. Duty Officer Vendor. We need a place to buy common Duty Officers like we can with Bridge Officers. These guys are fodder under the current system and should be able to be easily replaced and not with just C-store points or every other day recruitments. Make at least 3 common Duty Officers available for every specialization and make them cost Energy Credits.

46. Bridge Officer costing dilithium? What the is the point of this? Common Bridge Officers are only bought by new players and you can't buy anything better then common anywhere. What's the point of changing it from energy credits? Stop pushing this currency on us in places that have no point. I'm not going to go out in real life and hire an electrician and pay him in gallons of gas. It shouldn't be that way in STO.

47. GM Support. There is none. I had a ticket in about a missing console and it took them 12 days to get back to me on it. This is in no way acceptable. The max anyone should have to wait is a day maybe 2 at the most. One of the F2P Features Matrix points is that paying customers get unlimited Customer Service. If a 12 day wait per ticket is unlimited F2P people will never get helped. Cryptic better consider getting a much larger GM staff.

48. When picking up a new ship for your next rank, the equipped gear varies from basic tier ship and cstore ship. For example, at rear admiral if you buy the ship token ship it comes fully equipped with MK VIII gear. However if you pickup the C-store version for that tier it comes fully equipped with MK X gear. This just furthers the whole "pay-to-win" angle. It's little nuances like this that can cause players to hate Cryptic. There is no reason Starfleet would say "here's a top of the line ship but we equipped her with older level weaponry and equipment because we heard you come from a poor family and we only give out top of the line gear to our rich captains." This needs to be fixed, all ships need to come fully equipped with appropriate tiered gear.

49. Bridge Officers do not seem to know how to hold their weapons 80% of the time. They play the grip animation but they're not holding anything. They will also just not draw their weapons when you do.

50. STF Optional objectives. When done correctly should always give a bonus EDC to everyone in the STF with a chance for salvage for everyone. How fair is it to get an objective done through teamwork and then have 1-3 salvage go to one person? In space espcially frustrating when you were the guy covering the secondary objective in the first place. Don't even get me started on how ridiculous ground secondaries are to even get done.

51. as posted by Rswfire
- Department heads make poor recommendations for duty officer assignments. They do not consider the traits that would bring about critical success or failure. Also, if it requires a specific job (and only one job) and I have plenty of officers that do that job, the department head will still only recommend two at most, and some other officer with a different job in the third slot, which makes no sense. As it is now, the department head recommendations really are not very useful. I have to go in and check the boxes for desired traits, undesired traits, etc., and select a duty officer that way. It is an unnecessary time sink. The department heads need to make better recommendations.

52. Vulcan D'kyr doesn't fully play it's docking and undocking animation. It will stutter and skip parts entirely.

53. We need to have missions that make use of our "bridge" like during the cloaked intentions FE chain. Maybe start off with them in explore missions where pirates beam aboard your ship and you and your crew have to fight them off. Would add use and deep fun to the game. Plus we'd get to see the bridge officers that we don't take on away missions get some actual use. Which would justify them being on the ship and their equipment.

54. Radan tribbles timer only cools down while ingame not while out. This needs to be changed to allow for for logged out time.

55. Caitian racial features are not available in the character creation screen. I have a Caitian alt and have the Android BO. I'd like to have the Android be a Caitian. However no features are able to be used. These should become useable if you have either the captain or bridge officer Caitian.

55.5 as posted by Arintal
- Report to D'vak doesnt work for KDF.
- Breen set power bonus,kinetic bonus dont work
- Maco, Honor guard visuals broken for Mk11
- Honor guard power bonus doesn't work, mask energy wont let user uncloak him
- Omega tetryon glider does nothing.
- Lethean BO for KDF doesn't show up at rank ups

56. When looting batteries , they don't stack to device slot if equipped. If you loot a battery it should stack to a less then full stack that's equipped first before attempting to go to inventory. It's a pain when your inventory is full and you go to loot a battery you have equipped and you get the inv full message. You then have to stop clear space just to loot and stack that battery. This is also true with ground devices such as power cells, hypos and shield charges.

57. Beam fire at will should fire at any targets your beams can hit not just what's near your current target. For instance i run 3 phaser arrays aft on my sci. They should be firing at random targets in my rear arc while my banks up front are firing randomly at ones in my front. The reason for this is if you use Fire at will with a target in your front arc and the targets up front move out of that arc you can't fire at anything in your rear arc till fire at will ends.

58. Duty Officers can not be swapped out from active duty if your roster is full. When you swap them it bounces them back. You have to physically drag the active Duty Officer to the spot of the Duty Officer to replace him. This button needs to be fixed for functionality.

59. as posted by Rswfire
- I just noticed there's an accolade for racing and turning in 10 races in Q's winter wonderland. I hope this accolade "disappears" after the event, as I do not want an accolade in there that can never be completed. I had one for looking at a few snowman displays so I had to go back and find them all so that wouldn't happen. I didn't notice this one. I only went to this event once. It was boring to me and I left. I don't want to be stuck with incomplete accolades that can never be completed as a result. Maybe make it so we can "drop" them or something.

60. Skill-based stats do not all display on the character sheet. The only ones that display for Science are sensors and field emitters. There are far more skills then this and we'd like to be able to see them and their totals.

61. Tactical consoles need to be reworded. For instance a Phaser Relay should read like this " Adds 21% to the base damage of a Phaser Weapon. This stacks additively with other similar consoles". Too many people do not understand how the system works and make poor setups based on this.

62. Players skills need to be more detailed in the info section. For example the first tier Tactical System skill Starship Weapons Training. Buying 1 skill in this for 150 skill points get you +18 to this skill. This needs to be Clarified in the info section to read that the +18 gives a +9% to weapon damage. Buying 9 ranks in this skill adds +49.5% to your Space Weapons. Additionally it should be listed that players skills are a modifier and add to the total overall but do not factor in to other sources of modifiers.
Example of this is standard issue phaser beam array at 50 power setting is the baseline power. This weapon at that power setting does 100 damage. if you then have 9 ranks in Starship weapons training your damage will be 149.5 (you don't see the .5). If you then add a phaser relay that adds +10% damage it will add a total of 10 damage. Your new total will be 159.5 damage. All of this needs to be much more clarified before F2P if you expect the influx of new people to get the game and stay in it.

63. Exocomp Duty Officer is listed as a Maintenance Engineer for his specialization, however he's categoried as a tactical Duty Officer instead of an Engineering Officer.-FIXED

64. After retrieving Bridge Officer Candidates from the mail that failed to sell, all interactables cannot be used. Such as exchange, mail, bank and so on. Have to logout and back in to fix this.

65. Logging in or changing zones will sometimes refine your Dilithium ore on it's own. This is extremely annoying for those of us trying to keep track of how much dilithium we've collected for that play session.

66. as posted by Rswfire
- There is a "Klingons" sign in Sector Space in the Regulus Block close to the Sirius Block. This needs removing.
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Part 3

67. Tactical Prefire Chamber consoles say +% Energy Damage on the tool tip. However the info says Cannon damage. Which one is accurate?

68. Combat Rating. There needs to be a system in of this type. Elite STFs really shuldn't be able to be joined by just anyone. I suggest the following.
- 100 CR for a Very Rare of the best Mark your Rank can use. Example, 100 CR for a MK XII Very Rare for a Vice Admiral.
- 90 CR for a Rare of the best Mark your rank can use.
- 80 CR for an Uncommon of the best Mark your rank can use.
- 70 CR for a common of the best Mark your rank can use.
- 60 CR for a Very Rare of the lower Mark your rank can use. Example, 60 CR for a MK XI Very Rare for a Vice Admiral.
- 50 CR for a Rare of the lower Mark your rank can use.
- 40 CR for an Uncommon of the lower Mark your rank can use.
- 30 CR for a Common of the lower Mark your rank can use.
- Descending using the above method for previous rank gear if still equipped.

Have this count for all weapon slots Fore and Aft, Engines, Deflector, Shields, and all Console slots for space. Then Shield, Armor, Kit and both Weapon slots for ground. Types of weapons having no effect on the CR, nor Devices. Use this to factor in a total and put in a minimum for queing for Elite STFS. This minimum should have a static number for ground and have a per ship number for space. Per ship due to each ship having variable console amounts and weapon slots.

This will give players a guidline of what they need to shoot for to properly do an Elite STF. Currently you can go in there with anything and any gear. While it's theoretically possible to finish the STF with whatever it's unlikely. If players are severely undergeared they're not getting the optionals done. Even finishing the STF will take far more time then it should causing players to get frustrated and leave. An example of CR would be the following. You have an Advanced Heavy Cruiser, a Vice Admiral ship, with 20 gradeable slots for CR. The CR for a Normal STF should be 400 minimum. The CR for an Elite STF should be 1000. This assumes MK X blues in all slots for a Normal and MK XI blues in all slots for an Elite.

This is just an idea of some system they could use. Not meant to inspire elitism or any such nonsense. Merely a suggestion so Elite STFs aren't Fleet run only and pugging it won't be the mental trauma it is now.

68.5 as posted by Patent77
- Universal fonts for both KDF and the Federation

68.7 as posted by Chiberry
-Proper ship interior scale.
•Ships bridges.
•Ships hallways.
•Ships rooms and departments.
•Ships transporter pad.
-Proper in-system scale of space station models.

69. When selling items to your replicator the second item on the list is always greyed out and unable to be sold. This slot stays greyed out till you get to 1 item by moving items around in your inventory. Needs to be fixed.

70. The Excelsior Cruiser Retrofit's Transwarp abilties need to be fixed. The big pull of this ship is two things. Firstly it has a LT.Cmdr tactical station which Engineers looking to do a little more dmg will want. Second it can transwarp everywhere. Now other C-store ships come with consoles. This is one of the few ships that falls into the "other" category. ToS enterprise has scaling blue phasers. D'kyr gives you a support craft and a flyable support craft. Sao Paulo gives you Scaleable Quad cannons. Excelsior Retrofit gives you a transwarp drive that can fail when used and still takes up the full cooldown timer. As a ship that takes RL money and that being it's only ability there is no reason for it to have a fail chance. This needs to be removed.

71. Turrets and Platforms crafted from Duty Officer missions need improvement. These are a great new idea, i love the fact the turrets look like Sea Horses (just a personal quirk). However there's some issues with them. Turrets look great and fire well but they have trouble acquiring targets. Torpedo platforms look bad, have trouble acquiring targets and they do not fire at the rate which Torpedos of their type should fire. Photon Torpedo Platform being the worst of these. Additionally Turrets and Platforms share a cooldown. These should be seperated so you can drop one Turret and one Platform. I would also go so far as to say their damage and HP should be modified by indvidual Captains' skills. So someone built for say Tetryon damage drops a Tetryon Turret and it will deal more damage then someone who isn't.

72. Where are the Jupiter and Ambassador Class ships? We're getting a fan made ship (Ent F) before canon ships. This doesn't seem right in the slightest. What's worse is the Jupiter is modeled and ingame as an NPC ship.

73. When are we going to see a Borg Diamond show up? This is a unique ship and would add more depth to the current Borg's roster. It's also a canon ship as seen in Voyager.

74. Here's a bug that just irked me. In space if you put points into a skill to see it's effect, then reset it, and put points into another skill and accept. It will take your skill points and buy the one you reset even with it saying 0 skill points in that skill. i just lost 4k skill points that i can't reset forcing me to burn a respec token.

75. The amount of skill points it takes to rank up a tier and what you spend aren't the same. It takes 33,500 to rank up to Lieutenant Commander, but the first tier only costs 1000 per skill. This forces an extra 500 skill points to be wasted first tier.

76. The Duty Officer tooltips are incorrect. With the 1/5/12 patch Duty officer backgrounds and specializations on the tooltip do not match their info card. Needs fixing. -FIXED

77. Dismissed Duty Officers no longer give 75 Diltithium Ore and 10 Development XP.-FIXED

78. Sounds are way off. They're either distant and soft of it sounds like you're in a tunnel. This is a server side issue not a client side.

79. Fleet action teaming. If you have 5 people in your team and one leaves, the new person joining won't always be placed in the team. This makes team powers that buff very hard to use to insure that person's survivability.

80. On the character creation screen we need more hair options. There's currently only 3 Long hairstyles which isn't very appealing when making female Bridge Officers or Captains. Additionally, there are no Medium Length Hairstyles at all. We need to get some of these in here! Also where's Pulaski's perm?

81. The skill up icon displays even when you can't take any skills. I think it may still be working off of the 150, 300 and so on skill points. Annoying to have this thing flashing all the time.

82. Liberated Borg Engineer Bridge Officer, Photonic Science Bridge Officer, and Android Engineer Bridge Officer. Can we please get the other genders on these?

83. The new rare Duty Officer Mission "Asylum on Earth" does not work. I sent a refugee off to be traded. On completion it says blue quality. On collecting the rewards it's a Common(white) Duty officer.-FIXED

84. Stamina bar has been missing since patch.

85. Beytan System Patrol is a diplomacy mission but gives no Diplomacy XP. Other non-combat system patrol missions are also not giving Diplomacy XP.

86. There is a weird targeting bug that shows up in fleet actions. Sometimes when targeting enemy ships they revert to the "enemy" tag as if far away. Because of this they auto make the group of "enemies" when near allied ships. This makes individual ships untargetable. This is really rough in the Starbase 24 Fleet Action.

87. Here's an idea. Remove the random generic crewman that walk around your engineering and crew decks on your personal bridge, and replace them with the Duty Officers. This would make your personal bridge and the rest of your ship awesome to just hang out on. Being that there's so many different Duty Officers of varying races would be great to see them doing random activities.

88. Fleet Actions need more clarification on how you achieve First place, 2nd and so on. Also need to bring back the leaderboard so we can get a sense of where we are.

89. We need more variation on ships. Klingon side needs Lethean ships and Orion,Gorn, Nausican Corvettes and frigates. Federation side could use Andorian War Cruisers, Ferengi Ships (they have an information and Technology sharing agreement), the Steamrunner class as well.

90. Space vendors are buggy. Space vendors in Sirrius Sector will open a window with you to tell you they're leaving even when you weren't talking to them at all. That needs fixing. Additionally a Ferengi merchant gets stuck on a cargo vessel by the Una system.

91. The Terradome Mission RA and VA don't work. I've taken the quest and not been able to enter the system. Tried repeatedly with no luck. Additionally This needs to be added to the STF Que.

92. Deltans. We already have Deltan Duty Officers, where are the playable Deltans or the Deltan Bridge Officers?

93. How about adding an option in the character creation screen under "alien race" to add minor races that aren't part of the Federation or the Empire? For instance once you select alien as your Captain you could get a list of minor races to click that have Pre-Fab looks and traits. For instance adding the Bynar, the Selay, the Chalnoth and so on. This would add myriad depth to the game that exists in the Trek universe.

94. as posted by Rswfire
- Each time I "rescale" the large map, it goes back to defaults as soon as the map is closed. This causes me to have to repeatedly "rescale" it to the level I'd prefer it at. After doing this enough times, it starts to become a "pet peeve."

95. as posted by Shinkuu_Akagan
- I'd add to this thread that Tyken's Rift is currently, and has been, killable with Beam Fire At Will. Any BFAW and any Tykens on any Boat with Beams will work. It is not hard to reproduce and it needs to be taken off of BFAW's targets list.

96. Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy need a transporter room. This whole beam in anywhere thing makes no sense since anyone beaming down would beam to their desired coords and not randomly show up. This will also facilitate streamlining in the new players directionally.

97. When leaving Iota Pavonis Sector and entering Alpha Centauri Sector your ship is placed facing Iota Pavonis. This causes you to have to turn your ship and deal with cancelling the "go to next area" popups.

98. as posted by Stromgold
- intertial Dampeners issue,

99. as posted by RAJ_2011
- Have an option to allow players to enable or disable the impluse/warp trails.

100. Dropping a mission that has a timer causes it to start the CD timer. If i drop a mission due to a bug or what not i should be able to pick it right back up not wait another day.
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12-23-2011, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by Faustaud
bumping to the front since there's no devs on the forums till january
bumping is discouraged, so you know, no need to get in trouble, the Dev's Even if they see this list, may or may not reply.
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Part 4

101. The Fleet Action Romulan Temple needs work. The areas for the objectives are not properly highlighted. If a teammate aggros a group and dies while the rest of the team is in combat, that group he aggro'd will run to the rest of the team to kill them no matter how far away they are. Respawn rates are far too fast.

102. Duty Officer packs need to say on both the tooltip and the info page what they contain. They should not only list what raritys are possible but, more importantly, how many Duty Officers come inside the pack.

103. The Gorn Minefield Fleet Action needs work. After Each stage the Respawn point should be moved up accordingly. There's nothing worse then dragging the whole Gorn frigate area into the last 2 areas of the action.

104. The option to turn Auto Hail off. This is only annoying and serves no useful purpose.-fixed

105. as posted by Theta-Alpha-One
- The space enemy power in the past missions (such as Devidian series and Gaurdian of Forever series) doesn't make sense. A 25th century ship should be able to blast a 23rd century ship in one hit, (the mission bios specifically say that we are using modern weaponry) but instead, they are able to put up as much of a fight as their 25th century counterparts. I realize there is a necessity for difficulty, but having lots of weak enemies would be more logical than the current standing.

106. The loresinger for the lore missions KDF side needs to be moved inside the building with the terminals for the lore missions. It makes it annoying to run there and back constantly, especially if you have multiple characters. Additionaly Federation Characters have to take literally 3 steps to take/do/hand in both of their lore missions. It's only fair to KDF players to have the same functionality.

107. as posted by Woril
- Mixed KDF and Fed grouping in events does still not work.

108. as posted by Woril
- Defera invasion zone city hard mission can still be bugged with a known reproduction workflow.

109. as posted by Woril
- Boff pop-ups requesting you to warp back into the sector block from which you came from when moving between transition points located on the same sector block side are getting increasingly annoying.

110. as posted by Woril
- No more firing path to the landed scorpion fighter required for the accolade "Shooting Romulans in a Barrel" in "Cutting the Cord".

111. The minimap needs to remember it's zoomed position. I hate having to constantly zoom it out after every map.

112. The character login screen needs to have static spots for the characters. The rotating by login is annoying and makes it difficult with multiple characters. Make it stay put and only be moveable by your choice.

113. Weapons need to scale to smaller and larger sized players. Having a 9ft tall Gorn wield a bat'leth makes it look like a butter knife. Small players wield weapons the size of them or bigger. These need to be proportionate.

114. The path to 2409 Volumes 15 and 18 do not track in the accolade log. For reference Volume 15 has 5 chapters, volume 18 has 4 chapters.

115. The path to 2409 needs a reward and needs tweaking. The whole random datachip thing needs to be scrapped in favor of a better system. There are 166 total chapters (datachips). Each daily datachip mission should give you one you need with the event bonus chip giving a random one. Additionally after getting the whole thing done there is no reward at all. No title, no passive power. This accolade should definitely give something.

116. as posted by Blevok
- not a very big issue, but pretty annoying. on the exchange, lets say i have 100 particle samples and i want to sell 1 of them. i drag them from my inventory to the exchange, then the quantity selection comes up. i click anywhere in the slider bar, and drag it all the way to the left, but that makes the quantity zero, so then i have to click the right arrow to increase the quantity to 1. its an extra step that shouldn't be necessary. having zero quantity as an option is pointless, you can't sell zero of something. the minimum should be 1. Also it would be cool if double clicking would highlight the number instead of having to click and drag to highlight.
One more thing, the chat window breaks words. the whole word should wrap if it's too long for the line.

117. The buy more slots button on the inventory needs to be removed. This clashes with players' overflow bag button and it detracts from the game. Keep the greed to the C-store button where it belongs.
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12-23-2011, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by Faustaud
Ahh, well, instead of editing the first post i'll just addendum add.

23. Visiting your bridge doesn't display your Bridge Officers correctly. You'll end up with spots filled by generic npcs or you'll have one of your Bridge Officers cloned multiple times. last time i went to my bridge it was populated by 4 copies each of 3 different Bridge Officers.

24. Removal of the replay from the ready room. This was a great feature, removing it in favor of replay from just the mission log is terrible.

25. Replays from the mission log don't work correctly. Several different missions are unable to be retaken. Additionally it list the Breen episodes as available at 49+. Hopefully that's just a display bug or Cryptic is failing even more by making feature episode content only for endgame when it's not needed.
the breen level update is intended, sorry (i personally don't mind)
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12-23-2011, 10:48 PM
Added into main post.
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12-23-2011, 10:58 PM
Uncommon. Rare. Very Rare Female Aliens please.
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12-24-2011, 05:22 AM
agree with all points above
btw. the cloned Bridge Officers have been fixed (at least on Tribble, probably next build on Holodeck)

and i'll add:

- Bridge Officer AI
- BOffs suddenly standing in one spot, not moving any longer after battle
- BOffs not returning to default formation after battle, but running right in front of you!!! since Season 4. (extra awesome in shooter mode!)

- Sword of Kahless, while holding, the left arm looks ...for the lack of a better word... crippled.
since it's introduction to the game. (but who cares about those old items, we have Laserswords now!!!)
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12-24-2011, 07:28 AM
ill add a few more,resus icon always lit cant find people trapped in walls etc in big dig,warpout audio only a whoosh no build up audio like the shows,no players on minimap,zo
om broken deep breath end of part one
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